Why Plaster Mouldings are better than Alternatives

Blog |December 3rd, 2019

Plaster mouldings have been utilised to create many of mankind’s most famous architectural buildings. As a matter of fact, a good portion of those buildings still stand to this day. Plaster mouldings are unique because they involve formulation and installation from a skilled craftsman. Traditional plaster moulding is durable and can last hundreds of years if maintained correctly.

Multiple Styles and Customisable

Plaster mouldings are significantly better than alternatives because there are multiple styles to choose from. Through this, you will be able to create the type of look you desire based on the plaster moulding of your liking. Compared to other mouldings like wood, plaster mouldings are distinct in artistic design and can be customized to fit nearly any size requirements.


Plaster moulding does not shrink or shift due to the changes in temperature. This allows plaster mouldings to be used in most environments. It is also immune to alteration from various extents of humidity compared to other materials like wood, which contract and expand with the changes of moisture in the air. Plaster mouldings are widely known as having a high fire-resistance rating, providing any building with an extra level of durability and safety. Such characteristics proved to be enough reasons why plaster mouldings are durable and are definitely better than alternatives.


Plaster mouldings are sustainable and the leading choice to improve the look and quality of any room. As sand based product, plaster mouldings reduces its ecological footprint — ideal for passive homes and those looking to incorporate “green” products into their living spaces. Not only can plaster mouldings be used to help construct buildings and rooms, but it can also maintain the integrity of already established structures.

Safe and Sound

Plaster mouldings has many other beneficial properties: the compound of plaster mouldings does not give off any toxic fumes and is also unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to those who are susceptible. The compound of plaster mouldings can be made of natural materials like clay, oxides, or lime and is one of the most viable environmentally friendly options on the market.

Superior acoustics and the ability to create an effective sound barrier are just some of the advantages of using plaster moulding. The properties of plaster mouldings improve the ability to hear other people in an enclosed space. As a sound barrier, plaster mouldings gives people privacy in different rooms.

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