Reasons Why You Should Choose Plaster Ornaments Over Modern-day Alternatives

Blog |January 25th, 2020

The overall look and feel of a home tend to wear over time. After a few years or even decades, your home can get cracks, seams, and other defects caused by various elements. All these defects can be solved by modern-day alternatives like applying patches, coat of paint, and many more. However, one effective way of hiding defects and even improving the visual design of your home is through the application of plaster ornaments.

Plaster is a material that is frequently used as a protective and decorative coating of walls and ceilings. It is usually used for moulding and casting decorative elements and is applied to most interiors of a building. Plaster is normally used for pointing or the process of filling the voids or defects of a home.

Aside from their ability to fill and cover any defects, here are more reasons as to why plaster ornaments are better than modern-day alternatives.

Easy to Install

Plaster ornaments are typically composed of three materials: moulding plaster, water, and reinforcing material like hemp or fibreglass. When creating the plaster ornament, the plaster partially fills in the plaster moulds. Then, the reinforcing material is introduced. A final layer of plaster is thereafter applied to encase the whole material.

The combination of these three materials makes the plaster ornaments easy to install and fuse to the surface where they are being applied. The reinforcing material found on these ornaments strengthens the plaster and allows the use of less plaster.


Modern-day alternatives use resin or foam product to cover any defects or deterioration across walls, ceilings, and corners of the house because of their weight. The initial weight of the plaster may be heavier than resin or foam before application, but the curing or the drying of the plaster mixture makes it lighter over time. The water from the process of installation evaporates, which makes the plaster ornament light in weight.

During the casting process, the use of reinforcing materials that are mentioned above lessens the need to use a lot of plaster. Moreover, the combination of the reinforcements and the process of hollowing out the backside of plaster ornaments make the ornaments lighter.

Eco-Friendly Material

Modern-day alternatives to plaster such as urethane and resin are made up of a complex blend of chemicals. These chemicals can be hazardous to health and the environment if they are handled or disposed of poorly. Plaster ornaments, on the other hand, are primarily composed of naturally mined organic gypsum, water, and fibre reinforcement. These materials are environmentally friendly and won’t pose any harm to people. They don’t also emit toxic fumes and won’t burn when exposed to fire.


One good thing about plaster ornaments is that they can blend well with any type of primer coat. Plaster ornaments can accept a variety of paint finishes, unlike other options.

Plaster ornaments feature a lot of characteristics and properties that make them a good choice for covering any defects in homes. They can also obtain designs that are pleasing to the eyes of everyone. Luckily, obtaining plaster ornaments is now easy with us at Hopkins Plaster Studio Melbourne. We are committed to keeping plaster ornaments alive while meeting modern-day architectural requirements.

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