What Makes Plaster Moulding a Better Alternative than Others Types of Mouldings

Blog |January 9th, 2020

There are multiple ways in improving the design principles and architecture of a property. Some may enquire for some extensions to maximise the property area, while some would like to just renovate some parts of the house. Repair and maintenance can also get tedious at times, so dealing with these improvements must be thoroughly assessed first.

One way of improving a property is through the installation of mouldings. Mouldings can cover the transitions between the surface of the wall and the ceiling. They can also be used as an added decoration to the property. Just like other enhancements for the property, mouldings can be done through various materials. They can be made up of wood, plastic, and many more. However, one material that stands out among the rest is plaster.

Plaster mouldings possess unique qualities that make them recommendable to consumers. With the help of skilled craftsman, you are ensured to enjoy the qualities of plaster mouldings, making them a better choice than other types of mouldings.


Unlike other types of mouldings, plaster moulding is well-known for its versatility. The material composition of plaster makes it usable in any parts and elements of a property. From walls to ceilings, fireplace mantels to cornices, all of these places can benefit from the versatile and somehow flexible characteristics of the mouldings. This property gives the plaster moulding a high degree of dimensional accuracy.


What makes plaster moulding stand out among the rest of the materials for mouldings is that it is very durable. Despite its flexible property, plaster moulding can withstand a lot of damaging elements such as extreme temperatures and humidity. It is also not prone to any type of distortion and warping that is commonly found in some other moulding materials. With proper maintenance, plaster moulding can last for a hundred years.


Plaster moulding is popular as it gives added security and safety to your property. Mouldings made out of plater can offer you a zero-flame spread rating since they are not made out of toxic fumes. Instead, plaster mouldings are made of natural materials such as clay, oxides, or lime. As your property is protected from any danger, you also reduce the toxic materials that are being brought to the environment.


Aside from being safe to you and the environment, your money is also protected from a huge amount of expenses. The formation of plaster mouldings can be repeated many times without creating a new mould. Moreover, you will not be wasting any materials since plaster mouldings can be reinforced and strengthened over for the next few years. This type of formation can save you not only your money but also your time. Mouldings created out of other materials are known to be formed repeatedly, which can cost a lot of time and money.

Getting plaster mouldings may help you boost the value of your property. If you want to enquire about plaster mouldings, then contact us now at Hopkins Plaster Studio Melbourne.

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