How Plaster Moulding Dramatically Increases the Visual Appeal of Your Home

Blog |November 4th, 2019

Visual appeal is extremely important in establishing a beautiful home. The decorations will not matter much if the overall look of the interior does not elicit a good visual coordination. One of the most common strategies in ensuring a dramatic increase in visual appeal of a home is through plaster moulding.

Plaster moulding has been around for ages. Hundreds of years ago, it was considered as the most common decorative element in a household. Since it has an appealing and tactile element to it, it has been used to add texture to flat surfaces. It is also easily adaptable because you can easily paint it with matching or contrasting colours depending on how you prefer to style your walls. Indeed, it increases the visual appeal of homes in one way or another. Below are some of its examples.

Personal Touch

Homes have been known to reflect the personality of its inhabitants. By observing the homes from floor to ceiling, you will find out the intricacies in the personalities of the family members just by looking at their living spaces. It is highly important that the design of your own home would adhere to your values and preferences. That is why plaster moulding might just be your best bet. It adapts to whatever style your home currently has and leaves room for any added personal touch. Whether you opt for a traditional and classy look or a modern and contemporary one, you cannot go wrong with plaster moulding.

Unified Theme

The use of plaster moulding enables the home to have a more cohesive vibe. The uniformity of plaster moulding can link different designs together without them clashing with each other. It creates a unified theme by bringing a sense of balance into the space. For instance, if you use plaster cornices there will be seamless architectural lines that are visible throughout the area. Therefore, it creates uniformity in the overall visual appeal of a home. Same goes with incorporating plaster ceiling designs throughout the different sections of the house. Its well coordinated look enhances the beauty of the house.

Value-Adding Ability

A beautiful, well-maintained and visually appealing home is guaranteed to have an additional value in its property worth. Plaster moulding creates a visual impact that greatly enhances the aesthetic of a room. Similarly, if there are certain sections or parts in a home that needs further renovation and repair; plaster moulding can restore the said parts to their former beauty and perhaps design them in a much better version. Future potential buyers are heavily reliant on the visual appeal of a home in considering their purchases.

So if you want to dramatically increase the visual appeal of your home, consult us at Hopkins Plaster Studio. We create classical and ornamental plaster products such as cornices, ceiling roses, columns, arches, ceiling panels, Adams panels, domes, art deco panels and vaulted ceilings. We also customise architectural plaster mouldings to ensure that your home has a personal touch, unified theme and value-adding abilities.

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