Enhance the Beauty of Your Front Door Using Plaster Pilasters

Blog |December 17th, 2019

Your front entry door is the first thing that people notice at your home. More often than not, it gives the people on the other side a sneak-peek of what’s inside your home. It is also an opportunity to express a specific style and make a notable statement. In fact, designers, architects and realtors agree that the front door is one of the most important features of your home. Front door renovations using plaster pilasters are gaining popularity nowadays. The plaster pilasters are initially used to decorate walls and to trim doors, windows and mirrors. They are also used in fireplaces, together with cornices that serve as mantelshelf.

Below are the ways plaster pilasters can enhance the beauty of your front door.

Grand Welcome

Plaster Pilaster provides a great coverage for the front door, thus enabling your entryway to offer a grand statement. They create an attractive finished front door that expresses to guests and visitors that the interior of your home is relaxing and orderly. As well, door pilasters add a nice accent to the door and nearby windows that nicely display any interior artwork when entering.

Classy and Stylish Details

When you have a grand entrance such as a door pilaster, it sets the stage for elegance. Add an over-the-top chandelier and custom design ceilings or archways and you create an amazing Old World ambiance. And with a high quality door and light maintenance, the entrance should last a lifetime.

Eye-Catching Architecture

Door pilasters add appeal to your entryway. And with architectural details plus a stylized door that reflects your desired style, you will create an attention grabbing entryway that all will adore.

Curb Appeal

Anytime you add door pilasters to your architectural design, you invite charm and a strong curb appeal. In fact, door pilasters meld with the elements and can be personalized with other amazing accents like frieze, cornice or crown mouldings.

Complementing Elements

One of the great benefits of door pilasters is that they merge well with most elements. For instance, the subtle white of the pilaster adds a great contrast with many natural materials like wood, stone and brick. As well, the natural texture easily accents and blends with the surrounding elements.

Variety of Choices

For the most part, door pilasters come with a variety of options. For instance, there are different options for panels such as raised, stacked and custom designed. In addition, for an even more stunning look you can add various pilasters to your porch like against the wall and on the corners.

Beautify your front door with plaster pilasters from Hopkins Plaster Studio Pty Ltd. We are known to successfully combine old skills with modern innovation.

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