How Plaster Mouldings Increase Your Property’s Value

Blog |March 20th, 2020

If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, then you must install and add some elements that can lure property buyers. One of the elements that you can add is plaster mouldings. You might have heard about plaster mouldings before, as they are fairly common and popular for a very long time now. While they may have existed for a long time now, but their one-of-a-kind physical appearance and durable finish makes them a great reason for a property’s value increase.

To help you out, here are some reasons why the installation of plaster mouldings can help you increase your property’s value.

Adds Architectural Details 

Believe it or not, plaster mouldings can instantly enhance your existing architectural layout and design of your property. You can install plaster mouldings to your fireplace, crown moulding, or decorative vents. What makes plaster mouldings special and applicable to the mentioned places is that they can be moulded into any design or shape. Once installed, these plaster mouldings can provide a bit of style, elegance, and charm to your property.

Increases Historical Features

Plaster mouldings mostly exist with historic homes and buildings. So, if ever you own a property that is historical in some way, then replacing or repairing your old plaster mouldings must be done right away. To make your property becomes more authentic, you can use and match the materials that are included from your property’s original construction.

Boosts Modern Feel

Contrary to making your property feel historically authentic, you can also have the option to use plaster mouldings for modernising your building. The overall properties of plaster allow you to mould it into various designs and shapes. In fact, professional designers even incorporate and merge plaster mouldings with contemporary and modern architectural styles. After all, plaster mouldings have survived different architectural transformation, making them a product of being both antique and modern.

Enhances the Property’s Durability

One of the main reasons why plaster mouldings are still used nowadays is because of their durable properties. Plaster materials can singlehandedly resist fire and withstand wear and tear for generations. They can even last for centuries when maintained carefully. Once the plaster mouldings are applied, you can expect your property to be more durable. You can also expect the lesser need to maintain and repair the plaster mouldings regularly, which contributes to the increase in your property value.

Provides Soundproofing

An enhancement to your property is now possible with simple little things. If your property has soundproofing over its key areas, then you can anticipate the willingness of buyers to consider your property. Usual soundproofing entails the need to install expensive soundproof panels over the walls and ceiling. However, with plaster mouldings, you can expect them to soak up sound better compared to drywall. Plaster can even offer versatility to rooms thanks to the material’s amazing acoustics.

Increasing your property value is now possible with the installation and inclusion of plaster mouldings. After all, these mouldings are a product of the past that are still valuable up to the present times. If you want to acquire plaster mouldings around your property, you can contact us now at Hopkins Plaster Studio Melbourne.

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