Why Plaster Designs and Embellishments Never Ran Out of Style

Blog |January 29th, 2019

When it comes to home decorating, nothing can ever beat the refinement and class of baroque and art-deco aesthetics. Though these aesthetics are now considered dated and have been chucked away in favour of minimalism and the latest trends. However, more and more people are starting to go back to the tried-and-tested aesthetics that were popular in the bygone days.

Today, plaster designs and embellishments remain an integral part of home décor, In fact, the classical styles associated with the material are even undergoing a slow but strong revival. But why is plaster still so popular in spite of it being so old and considered out of style?

Here are some pretty good reasons why plaster is still in use and on the rise:

• Affordability – plaster home embellishments are now far more affordable than they used to be more than a decade ago. Because beautifully decorative plaster designs, a lot of people are now veering towards plaster as an excellent home décor element. This is because it gives off a very fancy vibe without having to invest in something very costly to achieve a classy art-deco effect.

• Long-lasting – plaster decors are surprisingly very durable! Not a lot of people know that plaster is actually fire-resistant and very low-maintenance. These features makes plaster ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

• Versatile – plaster has long been valued because it is easily workable and highly versatile. Today, plaster can be made cheaply and readily made from prefabricated moulds. It can be sold in a wide variety of different sizes, styles, designs, finishes and colours, all at a very low price. This makes it possible for you to mix and match your plaster embellishments with your pre-existing décor, or to recreate a period theme for restoration work.

• Lightweight
– plaster is surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport, making it even possible for you to transport your embellishments with you whenever you may need to move. Because of its lightweight nature, it also makes it easier to order and transport custom-made or mass-produced plaster pieces – something that can be difficult to accomplish with conventional décor made from other materials.

If you are thinking about beautifying a living room, dining area, office space, or an outdoor patio, then do so with the most versatile and time-tested embellishment you can invest it, plaster décor.

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