Why are Plaster Ceiling Roses a Perfect Pair to Chandeliers?

Blog |June 3rd, 2019

Chandeliers have long been considered one of the pinnacles of elegant interior décor. Originally integral to indoor lighting, it soon became a status symbol and morphed from the practical to the predominantly aesthetic, until it found a middle-ground wherein it embodied both.

In the 17th century, chandeliers could be found in the homes of aristocrats, tycoons, and up-and-coming noveau riche elites. They were made from an assortment of materials and boasted the finest craftsmanship of the period. Cut glass, semi-precious stones, rare shells, and elaborate metalwork all helped to refine and further enhance the appeal of the chandelier, which served to augment its more practical function.

Due to its central role in providing lighting indoors, the interior decorators of the period likewise did not skimp on its setting, choosing for it ornately carved plaster ceiling roses which framed the chandelier as it hung suspended from the ceiling, which further added to the overall appeal of pairing plaster ceiling roses to chandeliers.

Today, chandeliers and plasterwork no longer remain the sole purveyance of the elite, and can be found in various degrees of fineness and complexity, in even middle class and lower-middle class homes. The introduction of automation and mass-production made the imitation of ornate artisanal pieces possible, so much so that today even a middle-class home can boast décor that would make any Victorian or Regency aristocrat proud.

If you are contemplating on installing either an aesthetic or a functional chandelier in your home, then consider framing it with plaster ceiling roses, they make a perfect pair!

Here are some of the reasons why they are an excellent combination:

• Superior aesthetic appeal
– plaster ceiling roses are made from moulded plaster, and may feature highly ornate floral or arabesque patterns and scrollwork. Although, some examples may be simpler and more subdued in design. Regardless of your choice, plaster ceiling roses perfectly frame a chandelier and allow it to take centre stage. This added prominence compliments its general function.

• Elegant means to hide wires
– if you opt for functional chandeliers, one of the most unsightly things you can ever bear witness to are visible wires. Plaster ceiling roses help to discreetly and elegantly hide these wires without interfering with your chandelier’s overall function.

• Added structural integrity
– ceiling roses also helps to add additional structural integrity to your ceiling, making heavier chandeliers safer and more stable.

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