What Are Plaster Mouldings?

Blog |October 7th, 2015

Plaster Mouldings are architectural mouldings of a highly decorative nature that professionals create from Plaster using special techniques. Since the 16th century, builders have turned to this type of ornamentation for structures ranging from government buildings to residential establishments. Here at our company, we manufacture and install various sizes, shapes and designs of these mouldings to provide a wide assortment of architectural enhancements. We offer some examples here in this information.

Style Examples

1. HP0201 is in the Victorian-style cornice moulding, measures 135 mm x 282 mm x 3.6 m and contains the following design scheme:

  • Egg and dart
  • Shell and bell flower
  • Bead and reel

2. HP0202 measures 106 mm x 110 mm x 4.2 m and is a cornice moulding that is reminiscent of the Inter-War era. The description is plains with a scotia curve.

3. HP0236 is yet another style of our cornice Plaster Mouldings that we offer that captures the feel of the Inter-War era, but this one is geometric in design with a small shield. Dimensions of this selection are 76 mm x 76 mm x 4.2 m.

4. HP0490A is Edwardian in style and the description is chain-drape. Its dimensions are 84 mm x 100 mm x 3.9 m.

5. Architrave mouldings come in both curved and straight versions and we offer these in a number of different styles. Mouldings such as these are ideal around doorways as you can combine curved sections with straight sections to outline the doorways in a decorative manner. We will also manufacture this style of moulding from GRC cement for outdoor use when necessary.

6. We also offer premium cornices such as HP0721, and its dimensions are C 410 mm x W 250 mm and contains a large modillion. HP0721 is supplied in 3 pieces and requires corbels for installation that come at an additional cost.

7. Dado moulding is available from our company in two styles. HP0830 has dimensions of W 65 mm x D 40 mm x L 3.6m. HP0831 has dimensions of W 90 mm x D 42 mm x 3.6 m.

The above are just a portion of the offerings we provide here at Hopkins Plaster Studio, as we provide other styles of mouldings along with panels, busts, acanthus leaves, columns, ceiling roses, domes, and more all of which are made from Plaster. Our company also provides custom Plaster Mouldings created according to the specifications of your architectural project. Feel free to browse our website to learn about our complete line or contact us to schedule an appointment. Our experienced, courteous staff strives to please all our clients. Enhance your next building with one or more of our products.

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