The Versatility of Plaster Designs for Your Home

Blog |May 16th, 2016

Transform a simple house into a magnificent creation just by the addition of plaster elements. Elements of this material are available in many styles and sizes, and serve a variety of purposes. In fact, the versatility of these plaster designs is why they have been popular for centuries to enhance homes and other buildings.

Decorate Doors and Windows with Overdoor Panels

The various styles of plaster overdoor panels add a special touch above not only doors, but also windows. When your windows do not contain curtains to block the view, place one of these panels above them to enhance their appearance. Doors transform from simple entry points into rooms to a valuable decor item in your house when you install one of these panels over each one. You can mix the plaster designs of them or match all with a singular one.

Urns and Orbs Add Artistry to Your Home’s Exterior Areas

Orbs and Urns make attractive focal points on a porch, patio or garden area. Their designs range from simplistic to elaborate. For this reason, you will discover one easily that fits in with your house’s overall style.

Highlight Ceilings with Cornices

With cornices, you can highlight ceiling areas since they install at the junction of the wall and ceiling or two ceiling areas. You can even layer different cornices together into the design you so desire for your house to create a unique, personal statement.

Add Pizzazz to a Plain Fireplace with a Plaster Surround

Dress up that plain fireplace of yours with a plaster surround. Styles are available that range from modern to traditional. You can even find one that will blend well with a French-themed decor.

Enhance Specific Wall Areas with Wall Sconces

Spaces between two doors or other wall areas benefit from the placement of a plaster wall sconce. Certain styles even allow for the installation of light fixtures behind them to add illumination to the area. When the sconces include lighting, they can illuminate paintings, photos or other wall decor directly above them if you so desire. Sconces also are decorative all on their own when no lighting is present.

Add a Decorative Flair to Your Walls with Plaster Dado Moulding

Plaster chair railing or dado moulding will enhance the middle area of the wall since it typically installs at a one-meter height. Use alone or with other plaster elements. Different profiles are available to make your selection to fit your specific room.

By this information, it is easy to understand how versatile plaster designs are for your house. You will find these designs and others at Hopkins Plaster Studio PTY LTD. We will customise our options to your specifications when necessary to fulfil your needs.

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