Using Plaster Ornamentals for Exterior Architectural Designs

Blog |May 31st, 2016

With the help of plaster ornamentals, you can transform a house or commercial building from plain and ordinary into a majestic creation. Exterior architectural designs benefit greatly from the decorative enhancement that ornamental plaster elements provide to these designs. From the cornices that adorn the doors and windows to the addition of acanthus leaves and other decorations, your house or building will come alive with richness and unique beauty. Here at Hopkins Plaster, you will discover products such as the following ones to adorn the exterior of your structure.

Plaster Columns

Plaster columns enhance the exterior of the building by holding up the ceiling of the porch as on a house or placed at intervals in front of or around commercial buildings supporting other parts of the buildings or for decorative purposes. Columns such as these bring attention to any structure on which you place them.

Cornices for Doors, Windows and Trim

Cornices and dado mouldings elegantly outline doors and windows as well as trim the exterior of the building on the bottom, top and edges. Without a decorative trim such as these plaster elements, doors and windows are just parts of your home or commercial building. With these enhancements, though, they become part of the decor of the structure.

Acanthus Leaves

Other useful plaster ornamentals for enhancing exterior architectural designs are the acanthus leaves. You can place these leaves at the top of the columns, corners of the buildings and other places on the exterior depending on the style you select to install on your specific house or commercial building. Over the years, acanthus leaves have been a highly popular choice in plaster additions for structures.

Overdoor Panels

Just as with the interior of doors and windows, overdoor panels accentuate the exterior of them. Your home will appear to be more like the proverbial castle that you wish it to be for you and your family. If you own a commercial building instead of a home, clients and other visitors will be struck with awe at the luxurious look that you provide your building with acanthus leaves and other plaster elements.


If you desire a freestanding plaster element to adorn your exterior entrance or porch, consider one of the plaster orbs available today. Certain styles have a regal appearance, while other styles are floral in design complete with leaves.

The above is just a partial sampling of the plaster ornamentation that Hopkins will provide you for exterior architectural designs. We offer a full line of plaster items for both interior and exterior enhancement. Consult with us to learn further information.

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