Unique Ways that Plaster Wall Sconces Can Add Beauty to Your Home

Blog |October 4th, 2019

Back in the old days, wall sconces were a commonplace aesthetic found in well-to-do houses. Made from moulded plaster, wall sconces were meant to be a practical sort of décor that served to hold an oil lamp or candelabrum in place while simultaneously providing a shield of sorts against the wind.

Plaster wall sconces also provide the added security of protecting wallpaper from catching fire, as well as preventing the accumulation of soot from marring a room’s interior décor. However, wall sconces were originally expensive, and, while they remained in steady use for most well-to-do houses until the end of the First World War, these were soon deemed out-dated.

Today, plaster wall sconces are experiencing a slow but steady revival, but not because people are reverting back to gaslight and candles. The revival of wall sconces in an age of electrical lighting is due in part to the fact that plasterworks have become more widely available and mass-produced when compared to period pieces. What’s more, the mass production of plaster wall sconces has made it possible to copy period pieces and to restore damaged or missing pieces affordably.

If you want to enhance your home’s interior décor, a plaster wall sconce wouldn’t be out-of-place even in a modern or minimalist house, as there are some great reasons why you ought to invest in them.

The Advantages of Plaster Wall Sconces for Modern Décor

If you are thinking about fancying up your home’s interior, then plaster wall sconces are a great way to add a touch of timeless class to modern décor. Here are some good reasons why they are worth integrating into your interior design ideas:

• Affordability – plaster wall sconces are affordable and readily available from Hopkins Plaster Studio. Nowadays, as a decorative element, you can’t top anything that combines timeless appeal at affordable prices.

• Natural light softener – plaster wall sconces provide a natural way to soften your interior lighting. If you cannot afford pricey ambient lighting, then investing in regular LED lights and encasing them in wall sconces will be more than enough to imitate the same off-white, softened effect that is currently very popular sought after.

• Additional fire-safety precaution – in the old days, plaster wall sconces served the additional function of being a fire-retardant element. Being non-conductive, non-combustible, and heat-resistant, they make for an excellent preventive barrier against potential fire hazards that can occur due to short-circuiting or malfunctioning light bulbs.

If you are looking for an excellent resource for modern plasterwork or period reproductions for both interior and exterior applications, then visit us here at Hopkins Plaster Studio.

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