Resurrect the Old World Interior Plaster Panel Designs for Your Home’s Classic Appeal

Blog |April 12th, 2016

Designers agree; a leading trend in upgrading your d├ęcor and in renovations is with interior plaster panel designs. In fact, Old World interior plaster panels are one of the best ways to bring any room back to life.

If your home already has a classic look then panels will add that extra appeal and charm. And with modern styles, mixing old with the new is quite popular. In fact, it is believed to stay trendy for quite some time. So for the contemporary home, panels are a sure thing for ultra-panache and chic style.

Age Old Quality

There is no doubt that classic architectural plaster panels add an age old quality that draws you into a room and leaves you in awe. It is like walking into a room that time has forgotten and gazing at the intricate details and architectural wonder. For within these awe inspiring walls we are transported to another place of reminiscent age and beauty.

An Old Art Revived

Old World style panels have at long last made a comeback. For a while, many believed it was a dying art. However, there are numerous others that have saved a big part of history and part of our heritage. Quite frankly, plastering is one of the oldest arts in history. The most ancient plaster discovered was in the region of Mesopotamia dating back to circa 9000 B.C. As well, it is one art that should not and cannot be forgotten. It is also one of the oldest trades in history.

Filled with history, plaster design can be custom made or created so that it can be duplicated such as with panels. Interior plaster panel designs can include both walls and ceilings.

Wall Panels

Decorative walls panels quickly enhance a room with whatever classic design you favor. You can add basic trim to a room or choose to enliven the entire walls. Popular designs for trim include cherubs, Dionysus, flower garlands, sunbursts, roses, tulips, scrolled corners and more.

Ceiling Panels

Without a doubt, decorative ceiling panels have a grand appearance and make a room appear much larger. In fact, they take a finished room to a whole new level of panache. And with the numerous designs and styles available, you will have no trouble finding the ideal ceiling panels for your home.

Not only can you select different designs but you can choose from a variety of textures such as smooth, hammered, coffered and cast. And as far as design, select from many styles like Italian octagon shapes, Old English panels with delicate paisleys, Gothic tracery, French quarter, Celtic or Old World classics like embossed designs or medallions.

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