Restore Your Antique Mirror with a French Style Plaster Frame

Blog |March 7th, 2019

Antique mirrors make for excellent centrepieces that can refine the look of a room and make it classier. Antique mirrors are also sought-after collectors’ pieces, especially since modern mirrors are no longer made in the same manner or of the same quality as antiques were. Many antique mirrors are also wonderful investments, as the value antiques appreciate overtime, especially large or uniquely shaped antique mirrors.

In most cases, antique mirrors are framed in wood or metal, and these have a tendency to last for a very long time. Other types of framework often involve the use of the much more delicate plaster, while hardy, it is more prone to wear and tear compared to wood or metal mirror frames. Thankfully, any damaged mirror frame can be readily restored or replaced with the help of modern plaster work.

Plaster frames are a versatile and affordable way to restore old mirrors to a condition that allows them to be brought back into current usage. It offers a number of advantages that materials like wood and metal do not. If you have an antique mirror that you want to restore, then consider the following benefits that plaster frames offer:

• Lightweight – plaster frames are surprisingly lightweight in spite of their thickness or size. This feature makes it ideal for hanging mirrors, or got free-standing mirrors that necessitate being moved around.

• Versatile
– plaster can be moulded or cast into a dizzying array of different designs – from the simplest to the most complex. It is even possible to recreate old frames made from wood or brass through a simple moulding, which will then be cast in plaster. This makes plaster the preferred material of choice for restoration work.

• Low-maintenance – while plaster may not be as durable as metal or wooden frames, it is nevertheless low-maintenance and does not require any additional fussing. Plaster is also very easy to repair or refurbish, and even easier to replace, as there is growing popularity of mass-produced and restoration-grade plaster-work.

• Affordable
– plaster is affordable, which is one of the reasons why it is a very popular choice for mirror frames and sundry of other types of home décor. Even custom-made plaster frames are a far cry from the price of hand-carved wooden frames, or cold-cast metal ones.

If you are looking for excellent mirror frames for your antique mirrors, visit us at Hopkins Plaster, we specialise in custom-made and prefabricated plaster mouldings for interior and exterior applications.

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