Restoration, Reproduction, and Replication of Historic and Modern Plaster Arts: Why Choose Hopkins Plaster Studio?

Blog |January 18th, 2018

If your community needs restoration of fine quality plaster columns of Ancient Roman Tuscan or Greek Doric style in your community conference center or public library, the highly skilled and expertly trained artisans of Hopkins Plaster Studio will complete this project in a timely and fine-caliber, professional manner. If your home decor includes Edwardian style cornices in need of immediate repair, the plaster works masters of this acclaimed, historic plaster studio have the knowledge and expertise to perform excellent and exacting plaster repair services. Perhaps the grand parlor turned living room in your older home has a Louis XIV style fireplace with ornate plaster design that needs refurbishing, or the Dado moulding in your home entertainment center needs a complete makeover to recover its original form. Whatever your need for fine quality plaster works mastery today, this top-tier team of fine plaster artistry experts is the ideal group to consult for excellent plaster art and decor repairs, creation or replacement.

Reasons for Choosing Hopkins Plaster Studio for Restoration, Reproduction and Replication of Fine Plaster Arts of All Eras

Primary reasons for contacting this fine group of highly knowledgeable, skilled and experienced plaster works masters for repairs, refinement or production of fine arts plaster works and home or commercial decor today include the following:

• Long-Standing Business Integrity. – First founded in 1857, this well-respected plaster works company and active studio continues to supply exemplary plaster restoration, reproduction and replication services to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and many surrounding regions. Cousins Lyndon and Picton Andrew Hopkins are leaders of this celebrated business today, continuing the heralded tradition of creating and refurbishing fine plaster interior and exterior building designs and decor. This fine plaster mastery studio also produces plaster reproductions of fine arts works, both historic and modern. All members of this excellent team are known for their long prevailing business integrity as well as their top-caliber plaster works mastery.

• Highly Skilled Craftsmanship. – This entire team of fine arts designers and artisans is expertly trained and highly skilled, exhibiting top levels of quality craftsmanship on every plaster works project they complete. No project is ever too small or large for them to accomplish, and this cohesive team of experts will devote whatever time and degree of expertise is needed to ensure that all plaster works productions, repairs and replications are given the same totally focused and caring attention, from start to completion of each project.

• Expert Mastery of Older and Modern Techniques. – Every member of this highly skilled and accomplished team is trained and very experienced in multiple aspects of plaster works production, refining and refurbishment. All team members have excellent understanding and skills mastery in both older and modern plaster restoration and reproduction work. This company and its top-tier team of fine plaster works experts are focused on using modern technology and techniques in combination with older methods to restore and replicate the original beauty and soft luster of fine plaster artistry and decor while giving full repect to many different stylistic periods in the long history and development of professional plaster works excellence.

When you consult the ultimate plaster works masters at Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong South, Victoria, you will benefit from the finest degrees of knowledge, experience and expertise available throughout Australia today. Contact this exceptionally fine team for a consultation relative to your plaster works mastery needs today.

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