Replace Metal Vents in Your Home with Plaster Mouldings for Decorative Purposes

Blog |September 20th, 2019

You work hard to keep your home looking nice. The furniture and decorations reflect your taste. However, there may be some things that you find less than attractive.

You may be dissatisfied with the metal vents in your home and their plain appearance. They can easily be replaced with elegant plaster moulding. The plaster moulding designed to be used instead of vents is made with holes and small spaces that allow for air flow.

Benefits of Replacing Metal Vents with Plaster Mouldings

Plaster mouldings add charm and elegance to your home. There are several reasons why they are an ideal replacement for metal vents.

Make rooms look more elegant –
You want your home to look nice and be a place that guests find attractive and welcoming. If you have a room filled with stately furniture and beautiful artwork, plain metal vents will stand out. Plaster mouldings are decorative instead of utilitarian. They look like wall decorations that were chosen for their elegance, and they are hardly recognisable as vents. These mouldings will not look out of place on a ceiling with an elaborate light fixture or on a wall with paintings.

Variety of designs and dimensions available –
A plaster moulding that replaces a vent will look elegant even if it is in a plain grid pattern. However, there are many other designs available. If you enjoy nature, you can choose mouldings with birds or flowers. Mouldings with scrollwork are available if you prefer more abstract designs. You may be able to find plaster mouldings with designs that match your furniture or artwork. The mouldings are available in a variety of dimensions, so you are quite likely to find the exact sizes you need to replace your metal vents.

Durable and easy to repair –
Extreme heat or cold will not harm plaster moulding. This makes it suitable for vents that release air from heating or cooling systems. The moulding is not affected by humidity. It can be fixed easily if it cracks or chips. The crack or chip can usually be repaired without having to remove the moulding. If the moulding does need to be replaced, skilled craftsmen can do it quickly and easily.

Get in touch with Hopkins Plaster Studio to find out how to replace your metal vents with elegant plaster mouldings. Our skilled workers will use their years of experience to add touches of beauty to your home.

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