Premium Cornices for French Themed Homes

Blog |October 11th, 2017

Cornices are decorative additions to any room’s upper wall areas below the ceiling or on a home or commercial building exterior beneath the roof level. These creative bands of often ornate decor lend a strong definitive feature revealing a specific period in architectural history to a residential or commercial building’s overall design. Each line and curve of a French cornice give a pleasing historical identity to announce the prevailing style of decor chosen by the structure’s designer and decorator. Today, these decor embellishments also have a practical application. Especially when renovating an older home or commercial building, decorative cornices help to hide cracks and imperfections in upper wall areas while giving style and definition to the primary design.

Premium Cornice Designs for French Themed Homes in Popular Use Today

Frequently used cornice designs for the decor of French themed homes in Australia today include the following:

• French Provincial Style.
– This often requested French cornice style in the decor of French themed homes today is warm, charming and styled after the natural elements of a country home setting in the Provence region of France. These cornice designs depict stylised replicas of vines, grapes, flowers and leaves. They lend a sense of charm and order as decorative borders on walls just beneath the ceilings of room interiors and below the roofs of building exteriors. Typically used in home design in Provence originally, this design helped simplify the visual complexity of often wildly growing vines and greenery climbing or surrounding the exterior walls of homes in the French countryside.

• Cheneau Style.
– This French cornice design found on home and commercial building exteriors, is named after the upper lip at its top that serves as a gutter, collecting rainfall and helping to preserve roofs and walls from deterioration during wet weather conditions. The gutter “lip” often has a pleasing, stylised outward curving flair that is both definitive of its style and artistically free in its visual appearance and fashion. The entire Cheneau design cornice is usually highly stylised, giving the impression of natural elements, rather than a clear-cut form of each design feature.

• Ancon Design. – This French cornice design has a dominant elbow form that juts gracefully from beneath the cornice, acting as both a stylistic feature and a form of structural support. Its name comes from the Greek word “ancon,” which translates as “elbow.” When placed at wall tops in small rooms or used as exterior design elements on small buildings, these cornices tend to expand or enlarge the spaces they decorate.

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