Plaster Wall Light and Sconces for Modern Homes

Blog |September 25th, 2018

The perfect house is not only comprised of furnishings and well-chosen décor, but ambience as well. Ambience can set the mood for a lot of things, and different rooms in a house can (and ideally should) have their own ambience. For example, a living area cannot have a similar ambience to a bedroom, and a kitchen cannot look like a sterile bathroom.

One of the essential components for creating ambience is lighting. But not all forms of lighting are the same. If you are looking for an excellent way to make living room or dining area lighting less harsh and more aesthetically appealing, then consider investing in plaster wall light scones.

While wall scones are considered an outdated relic of the days, when gas-lamps and candles were the common means of illumination, antiques that have been retrofitted to accommodate modern lighting, and new versions that are specifically designed for modern tastes are also available.

Here are just some of the many advantages of plastic wall scones:

• Lightweight – plaster is known for its light weight nature, making it ideal for wall scones, since they do not add any unnecessary weight that may damage drywall. It also makes for easy setting and hanging.

• Versatile – plaster is a versatile material that can be made as thick or as thin as is necessary. It can also be tooled or moulded into a wide assortment of designs, with a large array of intricacy.

• Aesthetically pleasing – plaster wall sconces help to add or improve the ambience of a room by acting as light diffusers (for thick ones), or light softeners (for thinly cast or moulded ones).

• Durable – plaster is notoriously durable and requires very little maintenance, except for the standard dusting and occasional thorough cleanup.

• Affordable – plaster wall scones, no matter the intricacy, are far more affordable than blown glass or cut crystal wall mounted lighting, and helps to add a touch of class to your home without burning a hole in your wallet!

• Easily replaced – if ever plaster wall sconces do break, for whatever reason, they can be easily replaced. If a design is already non-existence, a cast can sometimes be made from preexisting undamaged material to imitate whatever was broken, making re-decorating a breeze.

If you want to improve the ambience of your modern home, by altering the lighting effects, then try out some plaster wall lights and sconces from Hopkins Plaster Studio.

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