Plaster Urns as Planters for Your Garden

Blog |January 30th, 2018

When creating your garden, you have a variety of choices in plants, layout, growing medium and planters. It is the latter that we will be discussing in this information or more specifically plaster urns as planters. Adding these urns to your garden will add a formal touch regardless of the plants that they contain. This is only one benefit of using them as planters, though, and you can learn further advantages in the following information.

Spacious Planting Area

Plaster urns provide a spacious planting area not only in width but also in depth. You even can plant small trees or shrubs in them. Make these the focal point of your garden.

Adds Classy Touch to Your Garden Unlike That of Other Planters

Since urns come with formal designs for the most part, they add a touch of elegance to your garden far above that of other style of planters. Take a simple garden area and transform it into a sight to behold by all who visit it. If you have paths through your garden, place more than one urn along them. You even can form a border with them if you so desire.

Plaster Is Long Lasting and Paintable

Another advantage of plaster urns is the fact that plaster is paintable and long lasting. You can enhance the appearance of your urns with the appropriate paint when necessary in order for them to match the style of your house or commercial structure. In most cases, you will be able to use these urns for many years before they call for replacement.

You Receive a Higher Return on Your Investment

Plaster urns give you a higher return on your investment in comparison to plastic ones. Plastic urns will become brittle over the years from UV exposure and start to crack and break.

Concrete Urns for Planters Are Also Available

If you feel that you need even a stronger material for your urns than plaster, you can opt for concrete ones that will endure all types of weather conditions or weight levels of plants. Also, concrete provides a different feel to the urns than the more-formal plaster does for gardens.

For high-quality plaster urns or concrete ones for your garden, contact Hopkins Plaster Studio. We provide these urns along with other plaster enhancements for your property. Our experts will customise all items of interest to suit your specific needs and preferences. Let us guide you through our product offerings, so you can learn all of the attractive, durable ways that you can turn your property from plain to eye-catching.

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