Plaster Urns as Pots for Flowers and Plants

Blog |August 27th, 2018

There are many proven benefits to gardening, such as it help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, improves heart health and reduces stroke risk, just to mention a few things. While developing a green thumb is good for mental and physical health, it can also beautify your yard or designated spaces where you plan to place your plants, by using plaster urns as pots for flowers and plants.

Benefits of Using Plaster Urns as Pots for Flowers and Plants

As you plan the layout of your garden, and you consider the types of containers to grow your plants in, you will discover that using plaster urns as pots for flowers and plants has its advantages. Basically, adding decorative plaster urns as pots will add a timeless formal touch to you garden area, especially if you plan on growing plants indoors.

Here are some of the advantages of using plaster urns as pots for your flowers and plants:

Allows you to create a more spacious harden area – because plaster urns come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can choose them to better create more space in areas you plan to grow your flowers and plants. You can even make then as the focal point of your garden to impress guests and to evoke inspiration.

Add a touch of class to a space
– unlike typical clay and plastic pots for plants, plaster urns come with a formal design that adds a touch off elegance. When thoughtfully placed, they can transform your garden into a classy space you can come to relax or where you can entertain your guests. You can even use them to create a border to better manage you outdoor space.

Plaster urns can be painted and are long lasting
– not only can you paint them to enhance the aesthetics of your home, but you won’t need to replace for many years because quality plaster will last a long time.

You can find high-quality plaster urns that you can use for your flowers and plants at Hopkins Plaster Studio, at 20 Swift Way Dandenong South VIC. Not only do we have decorative plaster urns available, but you will also find other plaster enhancements for your property of business.

We have plaster experts available that can help guide you through our wide product selection, so you can discover all of the attractive ways you can transform your home or business.

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