Plaster Niches for Elegant Display Settings

Blog |September 16th, 2016

Stylish plaster niches are the ideal way to create a stunning focal point in any wall or room. Without a doubt, they enhance any area whether it is a permanent display for valued items or to liven up a hallway with lavish flower arrangements.

Further, plaster niches for elegant display settings are often exhibited with a frosted glass base and glass shelves. However, there are numerous plaster niches that offer complete flexibility for the right fit.


Niches have been used in homes to enhance the décor for about 2000 years. Originally, they were made with incredible polished white marble with articulate curved surfaces. In fact, Nero’s Domus Aurea (AD 64–69) resided in the first known residence that contained rooms with luxurious diverse floor plans that were designed with exedras and niches.

Like days of old, today niches are used as unique architectural brogues and accents. Oftentimes, they are used to display an array of item like plants, flowers, sculptures, vases or clocks. The ideal location for plaster niches are in main hallways, staircases, foyers and dining rooms. And as most designers would advise, correct placement of a niche is vital. Since a niche has the ability to disperse or concentrate light, placement is based on the accessibility of light in the room. Light in the room includes both interior lighting and natural sunlight. For a more enchanting display, ceiling accent lights are often placed above the niche.

Contemporary and Uncluttered

A minimalist and contemporary theme includes a low maintenance and streamline affect. It has a no-bother modern appeal that keeps life simple. As an alternative to using continuous built-in shelves that make the walls move in, niches make a living space look airy and in vogue.

Enriches the Décor

Skillfully articulated niches in the walls can enhance the décor of the room. You can combine three-sided (triangular) and four-sided (rectangular) niches along with the curvature of a wall for the ideal display area. It is the perfect shape for antiques like Asian artifacts, tribal art from Africa or a collection of vintage religious items. For a modern look, you can hang contemporary paintings, decorative candles, china and other items that suit your décor. In addition, niches in the wall can be used for displaying books, plants, flower arrangements and various accessories.

Enhancing a Corner

Niches are perfect for empty corners that are taking up space. For instance, oftentimes corners close to the back patio or near the stairwell are vacant. This empty space is the perfect location for an attractive niche. In truth, it adds a bit of ambiance to a room especially with the right lighting and a display of authentic art.

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