Plaster Moulded Mirror Frames: Benefits in Design and Functionality

Blog |June 25th, 2018

Mirrors have always held a special fascination for humans. Since the dawn of recorded history, humankind has found a myriad of ways to create reflective surfaces which would enable them to gaze upon their own reflections.

The seemingly magical phenomenon of mirror reflection have been the source of wonder, fear, and art since people discovered reflectivity, and today, it still plays an integral role in society, industry, and aesthetics. For example, no home is complete without a mirror, and for good reason. Not only are mirrors quintessential tools for grooming and beautification, they also add to the overall aesthetics of a house.

Mirrors can also be employed to create the illusion of space to an otherwise cramped area. Placed strategically in an area, mirrors can improve the ambience of a room or enhance the natural play of light and shadows to accentuate pre-existing décor.

Mirror frames are likewise decorative in their own right, with the most ornate examples dating back to the Baroque, Victorian and Edwardian Period. While antiques and reproductions carved from wood or cast from brass are still available today, those mirror frames tend to be very expensive for most people’s tastes.

If you’re looking for an affordable, but equally elegant alternative, consider plaster moulded mirror frames instead.

Advantages of Plaster Moulded Frames

Plaster moulded frames have a number of advantages over wood, brass, and plastic mirror frames, inclusive of, but not limited to the following:

• Lightweight nature – plaster is well-known for being lightweight, and this can be a major advantage when it comes to mirror frames. Not only does it make them easier to transport, but it also puts less strain on your walls, necessitating only minor reinforcements in order to mount them. They may even be mounted with contact adhesives (if so desired) without running the risk of it falling due to the weight.

• Versatility in aesthetics – plaster can be finished and painted in a wide assortment of hues and finishes, and may even be made to look like wood or metal with the proper types of paint. Because they are moulded, they can likewise feature a dizzying array of designs taken straight from or inspired by historical and avant-garde show pieces, replete with every bit of detail, without the added price.

• Affordable – plaster moulded mirror frames are far more affordable than conventional mirror frames, and are easily replaced or repaired if ever damaged.

If are interested in attractive, plaster moulded mirror frames or any plaster-based home décor, please visit us here at Hopkins Plaster Studio.

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