Plaster Material Versatility: Modern Ceiling Designs for Modern Homes

Blog |August 15th, 2017

Some of the most beautiful, charming homes throughout Australia were designed and constructed by architects and artisans who were experts at combining vintage styles and skills with modern innovations and popular decor trends. The unequaled, decorative fashions of the Victorian and Edwardian eras are still strong elements of many newly-built homes today, and these traditional designs used in ornate and often finely detailed plaster ceilings are especially stunning in their artistic elegance. Many of the same sound principles of design and craftsmanship that were used many years ago to create these glorious overhead decorative displays are still used by expert plaster artisans today. Although some of the themes and forms included in these intricate, modern-day arrays of ornate decor are contemporary and pleasing to the young home buyers of today, a large part of the original fine plasterwork technique used in past eras is quite evident today.

Unique and Appealing Combinations of Old and New in Modern Ceiling Plasterwork

Recently built homes often display a tasteful mixture of design themes and styles from bygone and more modern eras that attract and entice today’s homebuyers or homeowners. In both new residences and older homes being renovated, what often seem like incompatible forms and styles are combined successfully to create an attractive, pleasing ceiling for a fresh home decor look and ambiance. The following examples reveal the use of ingenious versatility in combinations of different themes, styles and materials to create a contemporary effect that has strong connections to plasterwork expertise of past eras:

• Smooth Dome Ceilings with Ornate Fluted Columns.
– In large modern homes today across Australia, a freshly finished plasterwork ceiling may have a glass-smooth finish and sheen. However, its supporting columns may be quite ornate, lavishly adorned with finely sculpted wreaths, flowers and angelic figures in high relief. These fluted columns, though laden with skillfully crafted decorative features, still emphasize the ceiling’s height while complementing its pristine simplicity.

• Modern Themes and Vintage Techniques. – Plaster ceilings depicting modern geometrical designs or abstractions are popular, often created with handcrafting techniques and tools very similar or even identical to those used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras in England. These distinctly modern ceiling designs may be surrounded by handsome chain-drape cornice styles from the Edwardian period or contrasted with nearby Ionic Capital Roman style pilaster caps.

• Minimalist Ceiling Decor Bordered by Ornate Victorian Moulding.
– Especially since many ceilings in modern house designs are often considerably lower than ceilings from older Victorian architecture, some modern homeowners prefer a minimalist approach to ceiling design with only subtle embellishment. However, these simple plaster ceilings are often surrounded by heavily decorated Victorian mouldings displaying lush garlands, olive branches, flowering vines and blooming flowers.

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