Plaster Fireplace Surrounds: Sophisticated Designs for Those with Elegant Taste

Blog |May 9th, 2018

Fireplaces are now commonly associated with class and elegance. Many years ago however, fireplaces were an essential part of any house. Aptly named the ‘hearth’, it was the centre of all household activity, and functioned as both the kitchen and the living room of those times. Because of its dual role, it became the cornerstone location for family planning and affairs.

The centrality of the fireplace soon lost prominence however, thanks in part to the development of gas powered stoves, and later, electric versions, which made it possible to cook anywhere at anytime. The fireplace soon became relegated to the role of heating homes during damp or cold weather, and, much later, to be no more than a status symbol that helped to exude an air of wealth and class.

The association of largesse and fancy fireplaces stuck, and today it has become something of an aesthetic trope. Still, any fireplace can be transformed into something elegant or imposing with just the right aesthetic changes. While most fireplace surrounds are made from the same material as its body and chamber, plaster can easily be fitted into a fireplace, either to accentuate pre-existing detail, or to revamp the entire thing into something far better.

Here are just some of the advantages that plaster fireplace surrounds can provide for your home fireplace:

• Lightweight nature
– plaster fireplace surrounds are lightweight and can be easily installed without the need for a full remodelling of an existing fireplace. Think of it like a casing, but for your fireplace. Its lightweight nature allows it to be shipped easily, no matter the size, making it possible for you to transport your plaster surrounds anywhere and with relative ease.

• Fire-resistant qualities – plaster is fire-resistant, and that makes it all the more ideal for fireplace surrounds. It is porous in nature, which allows it to expand and contract with changes in temperature, ensuring that your ornate surround will not crack with the repeated heating and cooling cycles of fireplaces that see regular to prolonged use.

• Aesthetically versatile – plaster is an excellent artistic medium because it lends itself well to moulding and slip-casting. This not only makes it easy (and subsequently affordable) to shape various designs, it is also possible to imitate pre-existing designs regardless of the level of ornateness, without having to take forever to achieve the same overall look. Plaster can even be distressed, aged, painted, or gilt, making this simple material truly ostentatious!

If you are looking for excellent plaster fireplace surrounds that will truly bring out the best in your home, then visit us here at Hopkins Plaster.

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