Plaster Fireplace Surround: Element of a Beautiful Modern Home

Blog |July 26th, 2018

In some houses, fireplaces are an integral part of the overall aesthetics and functionality of the home. For some others, they are an aesthetic flourish that adds to the overall elegance of the place. However a fireplace is integrated into a home, all that it will ever amount to, if stripped of any aesthetic trappings, is a functional pit or dugout for the express use of cooking, light, and heating.

What truly separates a dugout from a true fireplace is its distinctive construction – but above all else, it is the aesthetics that uplift the humble fireplace into a work of art. This is accomplished through the masterful integration of the fireplace framework and an external aesthetic element called a fireplace surround.

Sometimes, fireplace surrounds may even be referred to as a ‘mantelpiece’, although in most cases, a mantelpiece refers to the topmost part of a fireplace surround where different bric-a-brac is often showcased. Fireplace surrounds come in an assortment of different styles and can be made from a dazzling array of materials. Marble, granite, tile, porcelain, brick, and plaster are just some of the most common choices for fireplace surrounds.

Why Opt for a Plaster Fireplace Surround?

While fancier materials like marble, granite or tile may be used for fireplace surrounds, these luxurious examples are often well beyond the average working individual’s budget. If you’re looking for a great material that is luxurious, durable, low-maintenance and affordable for your fireplace, consider plaster!

Here are some reasons why plaster makes for an ideal fireplace surround:

• Easily workable
– unlike traditional mantelpiece materials like marble and granite, plaster is easily workable and can be readily cast or moulded from different pre-existing examples made from other materials. This in turn makes it ideal because it doesn’t ever lack for variety.

• Variety
– whether you are looking for a simple fireplace surround that suits your minimalist aesthetics, or you’re looking for a richly ornate surround that truly captures the authenticity of something straight out of the Baroque period, plaster has got you covered.

• Low-maintenance
– varnished or finished plaster is just as hard as your conventional stone surrounds and will require very little maintenance beyond the dusting and occasional deep-clean wipe with a damp rag.

• Affordability
– plaster is cheap, easily transportable, and easily assembled. Overall, it is the best choice for its value that you can pick for a fireplace surround.

If you’re looking for a great resource for high-quality plasterwork for your home, then visit us here at Hopkins Plaster Studio today.

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