Plaster Fireplace Mantel: A Practical Choice for Quality and Design

Blog |August 9th, 2016

Once the fireplace structure is in place, the final stage of the installation is the addition of a mantel or surround to highlight it in an attractive, durable manner. While there are a number of different choices from which to select, you should consider the merits of a plaster fireplace mantel or surround. Plaster surrounds hold up over time, are customisable to fit the size of your fireplace and complement a variety of decor styles along with their other attributes.

Fireplace Mantels of Plaster Are Durable and Attractive

Plaster mantels or surrounds for fireplaces are non-flammable and durable just as other plaster elements are in a home. With the proper care, a mantel from this material will last as long as the house does and beyond at times. On top of this, it will highlight your fireplace in an attractive manner to create a focal point for the room.

Order the Mantel to Fit Your Fireplace

Each plaster fireplace mantel or surround is made to order. The dimensions of your fireplace will dictate its width and height. It will fit perfectly for this reason without the need for additional trims or adjustments.

Plaster Fireplace Surrounds Complement the Majority of Decor Styles

You will discover styles of plaster mantels that will complement decor styles ranging from modern to traditional. While certain ones are formal in nature, others are simpler or geometric in appearance. Select the one that complements your home in the ideal way.

Different Models Are Available for Order From Hopkins Plaster

At Hopkins Plaster, we offer five different models of fireplace mantels or surrounds from plaster, and we explain each in the following facts:

1. London is a simple design with raised interior and exterior rolls with a valley in between. Down at the base of each leg, though, there is a solid block design. This surround comes with an optional large, top mantel, but is just as attractive without it. The legs on this selection are 200-mm wide.

2. Louis is an appropriate fireplace mantel for French-themed or contemporary houses. Call our office for dimensional information on this model.

3. Moderne is a geometric design that is 255-mm deep and the legs are 330-mm wide. The design starts flush with the fireplace and then steps up in linear levels five times to obtain a truly modern look.

4. Monique has a low profile in a traditional style. The legs are 300-mm wide with top mantel area is the same depth as the sides.

5. Versailles is of traditional design that starts at the fireplace and then elevates into a wide, rounded outer ridge. The top mantel overhangs a bit and has sharper edges. Each leg is 295-mm wide.

Contact Hopkins Plaster to learn further details about which plaster fireplace mantel will be ideal for your purposes. In the event that plaster will not fit your purposes, certain models also come in cement. We specialise in plaster enhancements for homes and commercial buildings.

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