Plaster Enrichments: Mouldings and Designs That Add Luxurious Appeal to Homes

Blog |October 24th, 2017

When you desire to add a touch of luxury to your home, you need to consider the various plaster mouldings, designs and other enrichments that are available today. With a combination of these elements, you can turn a simple home into an architectural wonder. You can enhance the perimeter, interior and corners of the ceilings and walls along with accentuating the doors and windows with plaster elements. We provide you with suggestions to accomplish this in the following facts.

Plaster Mouldings

• Trim out your ceilings with plaster cornices. Cornices come in standard and premium styles with the latter being more ornate. Regardless of the style of your ceiling, these mouldings will add elegance and style to them.

• Use architrave mouldings to accentuate your doors and windows. Certain styles of these even come arched for over the doors and windows.

• Dado mouldings also are known as chair railings since you install them at about chair-back height on your wall. They enhance the mid area of the wall in a unique manner.


Plaster domes are luxurious enhancements for the ceiling. You can install them on their own for a special design element or add a light in the middle of them for the illumination to bounce off it in an attractive fashion. Different versions and sizes are available to fit your specific needs.

Mirror Frames

Transport your home back in time by framing a large mirror with a plaster mirror frame for a focal point in a hallway or room. The mirror will provide the illusion of space while the intricate design on the frame creates a formal atmosphere.


Plaster panels contain a variety of designs and you can install them on the ceilings or walls depending upon their dimensions. You also can frame them using cornice mouldings if you so desire.

Wall Sconces

With plaster wall sconces, you can highlight one specific area of a wall. For example, install one in between two doors that are next to each other. Of course, you can use these anywhere else that needs enhancement. Certain ones will hold a light behind them. The illumination gently flows up from the sconce when the light is on to show off the upper wall area or even a photo or painting.

For further ideas on plaster mouldings and designs that add luxurious appeal to homes, consult with Hopkins Plaster Studio. Our specialty is plaster architectural enhancements of a wide variety of classic and ornamental designs. We manufacture our assortment right here at our facilities in the Victoria area of Australia.

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