Why Plaster Designs and Ornaments are Best for Mediterranean Style Homes

Blog |December 4th, 2017

Today’s Mediterranean-style homes replicate the home architecture found in the countries of the Mediterranean region of the world, including Italy, France, Spain and in parts of Greece. To be true to the style of this design, you must choose your enhancements carefully to ensure you capture its unique appearance and ambiance. You may think that this is a difficult task to accomplish, but we are here to tell you that it is quite easy. All you need is the right plaster designs and ornaments to create the ideal atmosphere in your Mediterranean-themed house. We explain why this is true in the following details.

A Brief History of Plaster Architectural Enhancements

Plaster dates back to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Minoan architectural styles. Back then, the plastering process included mud and clay applied in the wattle and daub method and was for the purpose of weatherproofing the homes. The ancient Greeks also used it to adorn the interior of the homes and other buildings. Once the Romans noticed how attractive this style was, they adapted it to fit their own preferences. From these beginnings, the popularity of plaster designs and ornaments spread throughout the world, but even today, the classic designs are still highly valued.

Plaster Ornaments and Designs Adhere to the Mediterranean Style in the Ideal Fashion

Designs and ornaments of plaster adhere to the specifications of the Mediterranean interior and exterior décor better than other types of enhancements do in almost every case. The main reason this holds so true is the fact that plaster enhancements still come in the age-old classic styles that people have loved for years and originated early on in the history of plaster architectural features.

Examples of Plaster Designs and Ornaments to Use in Your Mediterranean House

If you select to enhance your Mediterranean home with plaster elements, you have numerous options, such as the following ones:

• Acanthus Leaves are in a shape similar to the leaves of an Acanthus plant, which is of Mediterranean origins.
• Architraves accentuate doors and windows, and come in straight and arched varieties.
• Busts portray people in different poses.
• Columns add a majestic feel that is appropriate to a Mediterranean-style home.
• Cornices are mouldings that can enhance the edges of the walls and ceilings.
• Fireplaces in the appropriate design adhere to this style in a special way.
• Domes accentuate overhead light fixtures or sections of the ceiling.
• Orbs are for the exterior of the house, such as the garden, deck, porch or patio.

For further reasons why plaster designs and ornaments are best for Mediterranean-style homes, consult with Hopkins Plaster Studio. We specialise in the creation of these elements and will customise according to your requirements.

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