Plaster Corbels and Wall Brackets: Qualities that Make Them Work Well with Church Designs

Blog |February 14th, 2019

The traditional process of planning, designing and constructing buildings often comes with tough challenges, this is definitely the case for planning and designing churches. The reason for this is that often times the interior design and decorative architectural work needed for ceiling and walls requires specialised plaster work.

Specialised church construction companies are able to help plan, design, construct, expand, and renovate church buildings to assist churches in reaching their ministry goals. When decorative plasterwork is needed for a church construction project, construction companies will work with plaster specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of classical and ornamental plaster products, such as cornices, ceiling roses, art deco panels, vaulted ceilings, columns, arches, ceiling panels, adams panels, domes, plaster corbels and wall brackets.

Making decorative plaster mouldings for church settings is an art form that takes much inspiration from 16th century architecture. Although it is a time-consuming process, beautiful and highly decorative plaster mouldings can reproduce historic interior and exterior artwork for use in churches today. Plaster corbels and wall brackets are great examples of decorative plaster mouldings that work well with church designs.

Decorative Plaster Corbels and Wall Brackets Effectively Imbues Classic Artwork into Modern Church Designs 

When done correctly, designing ceilings and walls with decorative plaster can effectively help create a functional worship space that supports and upholds the vision and values of a church community, which can inspire their feelings towards God. In this regards, decorative plaster corbels and wall brackets are effective at instilling a sense of dignity to a place of worship that can inspire a congregation.

Plaster corbels are a type of decorative wall bracket. Wall brackets are used for supporting loads and were typically used in 16th and 17th century architecture, and are commonly used in places of worship today. However, the style of corbels have evolved over time to become more elaborate and beautiful pieces of art in their own right. Instead of stone and wood, plaster is now the preferred material to use to make plaster corbels and wall brackets, for many reasons.

Plaster allows for the creation and reproduction of many different types and shapes of classic corbels that can fit with any era, as plaster mouldings allow for the precise replication of even the most intricate designs.

There are many wonderful examples of plaster corbels and wall brackets that can be integrated into walls and architectural features of churches online, any of which can be masterfully replicated by professionals here at Hopkins Plaster Studio – plaster specialists, manufacturers and suppliers of classical and ornamental plaster products.

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