Overdoor Plaster Panels: Adding Details to a Plain Finish

Blog |April 28th, 2016

Over the years, plaster ornamentation has enhanced homes, offices, museums and other types of buildings to turn them from drab to eye-catching. You even can transform plain doorways into exquisite works of art by installing overdoor plaster panels. Panels such as these add just the right amount of design to perk up that blank area above the door. Hopkins Plaster Studio offers you a wide assortment of these panels to consider as adornments for your doorways. We provide a sampling of our products in the below information.

  1. #HP2219 is reminiscent of a coat of arms. In fact, if you know a skilled artist, he or she can add your family’s crest to the middle shield for a personal touch. There are leaves streaming out from each side of the centre shield. A raised rim borders the entire panel. The size of it is W710 H200.
  1. #HP2755 is a highly ornate plaster panel for over the doorway. This should install over a main entryway since it is so elegant in design. The centre of this panel includes a vase of flowers on top of a decorative pedestal of sorts. There is draping on both sides that lead to matching elements. Dimensions of this selection are W1810 H710.
  1. #HP2758 is a majestic style of panel that is befitting the primary entrance of a commercial building no matter what its purpose is daily. The panel requires a sturdy support system such as columns on each side since it one of our heavier selections. Its design is simple enough to complement any type of decor. Dimensions of this panel are W1600 H200.
  1. #HP2752 will right on your present upper door frame. With its triangular shape and soft designs, it will complement an interior doorway just enough without overpowering it. The size of this offering is W940 H200.
  1. #HP2776 panel is in an intricate fan design. The small leaf in the middle of the bottom section decorates the point where the fan ribs meet each other. There is a space between each rib that is narrow at the base and expands out ever so slightly up to a rounded top. This is a simple and elegant choice, and suitable for all types of decor. Dimensions of this selection are W775 H420.

Install one of these styles of overdoor plaster panels to adorn your doorway, or select one of our other designs. Our company delivers high-quality plaster products with these panels and other items for architectural and decor purposes. We guarantee satisfaction with every piece that we deliver to you.

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