Ornamental Plasters: Reasons Why You Should Have Plaster Ceiling Bosses

Blog |August 17th, 2018

The rediscovery of ornamental plasters is a wondrous thing. Period styled homes with high ceilings and large rooms are becoming very popular design choices today, as these are ideal for attractive ornamental treatment. Even before the mid-20th century, ornamental plasterwork was a common, decorative addition for many high-style homes.

In fact, houses were not considered completely built until the decorative plaster mouldings, cornices, medallions, and bosses were in place. Sadly, over time, with the increased use of timber and drywall ceilings, beautiful ornamental plasters were not as commonly employed. Since then, ornamental plaster treasures have gone into disrepair or have been lost altogether. This has resulted in a need for replacement mouldings, cornices, medallions, and bosses, which can be a challenge.

Thankfully, you can find expert plaster-work designers at Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong South, Victoria. They can create or recreate period plaster work to replace and repair any mouldings, cornices, medallions, and bosses you need.

Literally, for thousands of years, most famous architectural buildings have utilised plaster in high or vaulted ceilings, to create wonderful designs that are still treasured today. Beautiful plaster mouldings and ceiling bosses are some of the signature aspects of expert craftsmanship, in any age. Traditional plaster ceilings are durable and can last hundreds of years when they are maintained properly.

Reasons to Have Plaster Ceiling Bosses

Plaster ceiling bosses are found in beautifully design and decorated homes and historical buildings and are used to effectively centre attention on the ceiling. They can be used either singularly, to fill and empty ceiling space, or used to terminate the end of an arch or pillar where these connect with walls. Vaulted ceilings, doorway arches and period decorative walls are good examples of their use.

Professional designers at Hopkins Plaster Studio have quality ceiling bosses that are fine cast in fibre reinforced plaster. This produces good strength and high detail that will make a huge impression on the style of a room, at a low cost. Ceiling bosses are commonly used to recreate period home d├ęcor and provide that necessary decorative junction where straps join, or can be effectively used singularly as ceiling or wall decorations.

If you want to receive excellent advice about plaster ceiling designs and plaster works of great authenticity and beauty, for installation in commercial buildings, community centres, or residential properties, then the expert plaster works designers and artisans of Hopkins Plaster Studio can help.

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