Ornamental Plaster Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Blog |November 6th, 2017

When you include customised ornamental plaster design work in your new or updated bathroom decor, the resulting interior will glow with softly reflected light and vitality. Classical ornamentation in plaster tends to soften the decorative effect, while starker, linear and geometrical patterns and shapes common in modern minimalist interior designs sharpen and define the room’s shape, dimensions and ambiance. Natural themes and motifs lend calm, soothing sensibilities to the overall decor, and plaster animal panels bring a sense of the untamed outdoors to enliven your room’s interior. Creative, sculpted and reproduced plaster works of myriad themes, styles, fashions and modes can do wonders to redefine or introduce the overall stylistic statement of your newly designed bath.

Popular Ideas for Ornamental Bathroom Interior Design

Frequently requested ideas and themes for ornamental bathroom decor today include the following styles and motifs:

• Polished Plaster Decorative Alcoves. – These charming wall alcoves in plaster with high polish or subtle sheen, can bring vintage allure or sleek, ultra-modern, dynamic energy to your new or updated bathroom style. These decorative nooks can be used to display pottery, artisan glass works or small sculpture and are very effective with focused showcase spotlights. They can easily serve practical purposes as well, like storing attractive handtowels, soaps, shampoos and bath oils.

• Art Deco Wall Panels.
– These appealing wall panels may display a wide array of themes and designs ranging from Greek mythology figures to naturalistic scenes to stylised designs and patterns, all presented with a strong sense of sophisticated elegance and sometimes chic playfulness. Designed and sculpted in low or high relief, they add glamour and character to your interior bath decor theme.

• Ceiling Roses in High Relief. – With this wild climbing rose motif stretching in high relief across your bathroom ceiling, this room may become a major conversation piece in your home. Your guests may want to gaze at and photograph your unique overhead art works while exclaiming on the grand, but tasteful ornate floral display above them.

When you engage the highly skilled, professional services of Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong South, Victoria, to create the customised plaster design works of your dreams for display in your newly built or renovated home bathroom, you will be delighted with the outstanding results. This fine team of plasterworks masters will work closely with you to produce the ideal plaster designs for ultimate enhancement of your unique, overall bath decor. Whether your favorite home decor styles are classic, more recent vintage or the latest contemporary creations, this expert team of designers and artisans will produce the finest quality plaster masterworks obtainable today for ultimate enhancement of your home bath decor.


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