Noteworthy Features of Plaster Fireplaces

Blog |February 28th, 2018

The graceful yet dynamic design and presence of a custom plaster fireplace in your home will bring elegant charm and definition to your overall interior decor, regardless of the decorative style of your rooms. While making an impressive fashion statement, your fireplace will attract much attention as a major focal point of the overall design of your living room, dining room, den or open-concept communal family room. Its unique design will exude outstanding beauty, charm and cozy, welcoming warmth to all the members of your household and your guests.

Everyone enjoys basking in the brightly flaming, toasty temperature of a home fireplace during the cold, blustery days and nights of winter. The relaxing atmosphere and warm ambiance of your sleek or ornate plaster fireplace design will compel everyone in your home to gather in front of its radiant fashion and flair to relax and converse over tall, cool or hot drinks while absorbing the room’s glowing rays of hospitality.

Unique and Noteworthy Features of Plaster Fireplaces

Plaster fireplace designs offer a wide variety of unique features that are noteworthy and will complement all the other design elements and accessories of your room’s decor. You can make your selection of appealing plaster fireplace designs to brighten and embellish your room’s interior from the following choice of styles:

• London Style Fireplace. – This sleek, dignified fireplace design is streamlined with a clean-edged, pleasing simplicity of lines and dimensions. With a leg width of 200 mm., this design is produced in a single, complete piece with your specified opening size. If desirable, your London style fireplace can have a fashionable mantle as well, which can be made of plaster or cement, as preferred.

• Fashionable Louis Fireplace. – This skillfully designed and crafted plaster fireplace of great elegance and style is an ideal choice for homes with French interior design, furnishings and accessories as well as for homes with contemporary or combination decor and themes, although it is available in just one size. The highly fashionable, distinctive complexities and elegance of this French fireplace design enable it to join with many different interior design styles and elements, enhancing and emphasizing certain aspects of every interior feature while maintaining its own strong stylistic charm and identity. Even rather stark, minimalist room decor can be pleasingly embellished by the presence of a graceful Louis styled plaster fireplace surround.

• Moderne Mode Fireplace. – This chic, ultra-modern surround will dress your fireplace in a contemporary, bold yet well-balanced and tasteful linear look. Its leg width equals 330 mm. and the depth measures 255 mm. Created as a one-piece plaster or cement design, this fireplace style can be produced with your specified opening size and adapts well to a wide array of opening dimensions.

• Elegant Monique Fireplace. – This cool, sleek and fashionable fireplace design has a modern linear, frontal appeal enhanced by its distinctively French stylistic elements. For example, the pleasing frame-like quality of its design is repeated and accentuated in a manner similar to motif repetitions in many original motifs of French decor. This graceful fireplace surround has a leg width of 300 mm. and is produced in a single piece with a custom sized opening, as required. This fireplace design is not styled with a top mantle.

• Jewel-Smooth Versailles Fireplace. – This sleek, graceful, period French fireplace has the jewel-smooth surface of pristine precious stones. Its cool, sophisticated lines and elegant ambiance are directly related to the ornate yet stately palace of the same name and fashion mode. With a leg width of 295 mm., this fashionable, historical surround design is styled as one piece, made of plaster or cement and has a custom sized opening, as requested. This design has an optional mantle, if desired by the customer.

When you consult the professional plaster products designers and artisans at Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong South, Victoria, you will receive expert advice, top quality designs, finest artistry and excellent craftsmanship for the design and installation of your elegantly fashioned classical or modern style fireplace design. This fine team will provide you with the ultimate quality ornamental plaster surround to make your home’s new fireplace the warm, elegant and welcoming focal point and primary feature of your room’s high-fashion interior decor.

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