Most Common Uses of Plaster Mouldings for Your Home

Blog |October 21st, 2015

Designing an appealing appearance for your house entails a close eye for all details of the home’s decor elements. Decor extends beyond the colour and style of the paint and furnishings. It also includes attractive touches such as installing plaster mouldings throughout the house. Mouldings of plaster come in a variety of sizes and styles, and are custom made to fit the intended location. Learn some top uses for these mouldings in our information here.

Ceiling Enhancement

Plaster crown mouldings are ideal to cover up the wall and ceiling seam. By doing so, you enhance the attractiveness of your ceilings, whether the ceilings are a smooth or textured design. In addition, if you have a recessed ceiling, these mouldings highlight the shape of the area. You can add just one strip or multiple strips of moulding in layers to accomplish this enhancement.

Make Doors and Windows Stand Out in the Home

Provide the doors and windows with decorative plaster trims to enable them to stand out in a grand style within their areas of the house. When you use these mouldings in this way, the windows and doors complement any room in the house from the living room to the master bedroom. Create archways along with rectangular or square trims for the doors and windows with this type of moulding.

Create Panels or Decorative Designs on the Walls

Frame sections of the wall to create panels to enhance the walls in your living room, dining room or other area of your home. The sections make ideal locations of pictures or mirrors if you so desire. In addition, by combining multiple pieces of plaster mouldings you can create a unique wall design. Your design will provide artistic ambiance to the room.

Trim the Top of Cabinets Plaster Crown Mouldings

Add plaster crown mouldings at the top of your kitchen cabinets or other cabinets in the house to improve their appearance. With this simple action, you will add an ornate touch to even the simplest of cabinetry. Regular cabinetry is so plain when no moulding enhances the top of it. Dress it up with a plaster crown moulding.

Other Plaster Enhancements Are Available

Along with the plaster mouldings, you can add plaster columns, acanthus leaves, dado moulding, cornices, fireplaces and other offerings. Combine all the elements that will enhance your house to provide an elegance that is fit for royalty.

Mouldings and other elements from plaster may appear delicate at first glance, but in actuality, they last for years. Many historic homes still contain a certain amount of their original plaster enhancements to this day. Hopkins Plaster Studio offers a full line of plaster decorative pieces and mouldings for your consideration. We combine modern techniques with time-honoured plaster skills to produce top-quality products.

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