More Artistic Plaster Embellishments and Designs for Bathrooms

Blog |November 8th, 2017

Attractive contemporary bathroom designs can include artistic plaster ornamentation to enhance the decorative quality of the room’s interior style. Some clever home or business owners understand how dynamically they can change the overall design quality and fashion of a bathroom simply by adding ornamental plaster designs. Whether simple or minimalist in design or highly embellished, ornate in style, these plaster design editions can make a bold fashion statement quickly and effectively. These expertly crafted, sculptural decor features can emphasize varied design periods in history or display modern fashion and flair to best complement the room’s comprehensive style statement.

Innovative Ornamental Plaster Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Artistic embellishment for your bathroom walls and ceiling areas is a novel and attractive idea for interior bath design ideas. Creative and innovative ornamental plaster design features for bathroom decor today include the following:

• Art Deco Wall Panels. – These highly decorative wall panels in plaster display stylised flowers, fruits and foliage in low relief, adding pleasing style to bathroom wall areas. Some feature abstract geometrical shapes, often in symmetrical placement on each panel. Some panel surfaces are polished to a high sheen while others have a flatter, matte finish.

• Roman Arches. – These stately arches, when placed above stylish pedestal or console sinks with handsome chrome fixtures offer a feeling of expanding space with an ambiance of calm serenity. Their lofty heights and strong, simplistic lines create the overall feeling of open, unlimited space in a rather small, but frequently used room in your home.

• Victorian Ceiling Roses. – These ornate floral designs, often in high relief to embellish and decorate your bath ceiling, add the opulent sense of extravagant, detailed expressions of beauty common during the Victorian era. This lush, elaborate decorative feature at ceiling height adds grandeur and grace to enhance the entire design statement of the room. It also brings a sense of nature and the outdoor world into the room of your home meant for bathing, grooming and other forms of cleansing activity. Since nature allows for all these activities to be performed openly, natural themes for decor embellishments seem quite appropriate.

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