Modern Plaster and Wall Ceiling Design Trends for 2017

Blog |January 16th, 2017

An often overlooked area of your home is the ceiling and also the walls, especially when it comes to texture and design. However, many designers agree that this year’s trends for wall ceiling enterprises is all about recreating the Georgian or Victoria era. Many of the intricate patterns include elaborate designs and also modern arrangements. In addition, the lost art of Old Masters can easily meld with most any décor be it modern or 18th century.

Even better, todays plaster is highly advanced compared to yesterday’s plaster materials. In fact, today’s material is a lot more durable as well as flexible in decorating style. Moreover, updating the historical eras of amazing architecture is part of the excitement designers are having with interior decorating. In truth, modern plaster and wall ceiling designs are a trend that is said to last for years to come.

Georgian Style

The Georgian era is during the years from 1714 to 1830. it is a period when four consecutive King Georges were on the throne. The architecture of this period was known for its lightness and elegance. The style was often based on Greek and Roman (Neo-classical). Elements include columns, alcoves and niches. Various designs were also used on plasterwork such as vines, leaves, swags, garlands, ribbons, real and imaginary animal figures like satyrs, sphinxes, griffins and dolphins. Pastel color schemes were also trendy, particularly mauve, pea-green and light pink rose.

Victorian Elegance

Victorian plaster and wall ceilings are generally always trendy due to its everlasting beauty and timeless appeal. The style can be an accent or serve as a focal point in the room. From beautiful decorative ceiling roses to mixture of Asian and Middle East influence, Victorian ambiance is a rebirth of historic styles.

Generally, emphasis is given to the room that is used most. Choice of texture and design was also based on the use of the room. For instance, the living and dining room had the most elegant craftsmanship. Entryways and hallways were a somber color that did not compete with the main rooms.

Texture of the walls and ceiling were often marbleized. Sometimes plaster was created to look like blocks of stone. As well, ceilings were tinted three shades lighter than the color used on the walls. Additionally, superior embellishments were used to decorate the ceilings.


Modern plaster ceilings and walls are also trendy. Actually, there are a wide variety of options to suit your style. Some of the most popular are Palladio mouldings, three dimensional textures and different dome ceilings.

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