The Many Uses of Plaster Designs for Home Improvement and Renovation

Blog |March 29th, 2017

An ideal time to add various plaster designs to your house is during a home improvement or renovation project. You can mix different types of plaster items together to suit your own needs in almost limitless ways. Adorning a house with various elements of plaster is not a new idea. Homeowners have known the value of this for centuries. Today, you can find these designs in a variety of styles that complement all types of decor from modern to traditional.

Examples of Plaster Designs and Their Uses

Columns – Enhance entryways with columns or place them across the front of your home for just two examples of how to utilise these elements.

Cornices – Mouldings in this category frame the ceiling in an attractive manner, whether you have a single-layer or multiple-layer one. You also can enhance your doors and windows with these mouldings. In addition, various patterns, widths and lengths are available for these purposes.

Dado Mouldings – Another name for this type of moudling is ‘chair railing’ and it decorates the walls about a third of the way up from the floor. You can choose from different profiles.

Mirror Frames – Mirrors take on an entirely new design feature when you highlight them with plaster frames. The intricate decorative patterns on these frames make people stand in awe of their elegance.

Fireplace Surrounds
– A basic fireplace only adds a limited amount to the decor of the room in which you install one. When you enhance it with a plaster surround, though, you create an interesting, attractive focal point for the room. Styles of these range from geometric to French themed.

Vents – Replace the tacky metal vents throughout your home with plaster ones to transform them into decorative elements instead of just functional ones.

Panels – These plaster elements come in a wide assortment of styles and sizes. Certain ones are ideal as bases on the ceiling for chandeliers while other ones you can install on the walls for decorative purposes.

Orbs – Enhance your lawn, garden, patio or other outdoor area with orbs. You can select these in plaster or in cement. These come in various styles in order for you to discover one to fit your home’s exterior decor.

On top of the above offerings, other plaster designs are available for your consideration from Hopkins Plaster Studio. Browse through our vast selection to learn all that we can offer you to enhance your home during a home improvement or renovation project.

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