What Makes Plaster Material a Good Choice for Crown Moulding?

Blog |December 11th, 2017

Plaster crown mouldings add grace and elegance to a room’s overall decor. As decorative elements, they are usually seen at the tops of walls, just beneath the ceiling. They are also often used to cap the tops of cabinet edges, pilasters, window frames and door jams as well as in cornice designs. Mouldings displaying aspects of definitive style periods throughout the history of architecture, such as the Roman Empire and the Victorian Era, are still used frequently today to enhance and embellish both new and renovated room interiors in homes and commercial buildings. Although wooden crown mouldings are also used frequently since they can be painted, stained or left as natural timbre decorative features, there are still some very good reasons for selecting plaster crown mouldings displaying your choice of style and decorative effects.

Qualities that Make Plaster Material a Good Choice for Crown Moulding

Some of the primary qualities that make plaster an excellent material for use in making crown moulding include the following:

• Plaster Mouldings Will Not Warp or Expand. – Plaster mouldings are an ideal choice for all climates, unlike mouldings composed of wood. While mouldings made of wood are subject to warping when used in warm or damp climates, plaster can withstand temperature extremes and ongoing humidity without any resulting damage. Wood also expands and contracts due to changes in moisture levels in the air, which can lead to surface cracking and can cause the moulding to separate from walls, pilasters or cornice designs.

• Plaster Decor Can be Easily Repaired. – Plaster moulding is easy to repair. Although moulding made of timbre may require removal and repair in long sections when warping, cracking or surface blemishes occur due to moisture damage, a skilled plaster artisan can repair worn or damaged areas of plaster moulding quickly and efficiently. Many times, the plaster surface can simply be repaired or touched-up on site, with no need for any area of the moulding to be removed.

• Plaster Mouldings Are Easily and Quickly Replaced.
– Mouldings made of plaster can be replaced quickly and easily when necessary. The manufacturers and plaster craftsmen who create these artistic embellishments for interior decor are highly skilled and experienced. They can replace plaster moulding with ease, carefully replacing worn areas so that no one will be able to tell that areas of the moulding are new.

By consulting the experts at Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong South, Victoria, you will receive top-level information, advice and plaster moulding designs for all your interior decor needs. Whether you are refurbishing rooms in your home, designing the interiors of your new house or renovating your business offices or commercial showroom, this fine group of superior plaster designers and artisans will create and help you maintain state-or-the-art plaster mouldings that you and many others will admire and enjoy for now and many future years.

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