Interior Living Taste: Plaster Domes for Ceilings

Blog |June 16th, 2016

Most ceilings in a home are smooth and white in color. Quite honestly, they have very unexciting surfaces that lack panache. However, add some unique texture and you can make a huge impact with your décor and style. In truth, plaster domes for ceilings are a permanent way of adding texture and bravura to your ceilings.

And when it comes to style, plaster can molded in a variety of ways for distinctive textures. Plaster can also be used to create medallions, domes and moldings. But the most popular and aesthetic way of using plaster is with domes. In fact, plaster is the historic and traditional material for crafting ceiling domes. And compared to other products on the market, plaster is the preferred materials because of its superior distinct detail.

Variety of Styles

Plaster domes for ceilings come in a variety of styles to fit your individual tastes. For instance, they come in traditional, classic, Georgian and Victorian styles. In addition, you can choose from different sizes and between ornate and simple rings.

Plaster domes also add character and depth to a room. Other decorating options include oval recessed ceiling domes, round recessed ceiling domes, surface mount ceiling domes and even custom made to suit your desires. The dome rafters can also be uniquely selected. For instance, select from a variety of tastes like elliptical, soft and half-circle.

Unique Decorative Ideas

Plaster domes for ceilings are used in both commercial and residential applications. They are the ideal solution for over-the-top living and dining rooms, foyers, conference rooms and lobbies. In truth, plaster domes take an ordinary room and turn it into a masterpiece of artistic expression.

A ceiling dome can also be a striking work of art when highlighted with the right lighting. Oftentimes, they are the focal point of a room whether you have a contemporary or traditional style home. As well, plaster domes add depth, drama and amazing texture to your interior design. And for surface texture, it can be smooth or elaborated. And for architecture, they are the simplest to create when there are no floors above.

There are also a wide variety of exterior designs to match your décor. Some of the unique elements include coffered patterns, Celtic patterns, Greek styled leaves, Victorian flowers and wildlife, flutes, volutes, scrolls and much more. As well, rings can be sized to accommodate the desired lighting you want. Nonetheless, plaster domes can easily be crafted to match the architectural style of your home. Plus they create the ideal room setting that adds a unique style look and style.

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