The Importance of Plasters in Reproducing Antique or Modern Architectural Designs

Blog |February 6th, 2017

When it comes to reproducing antique or modern architectural designs for your own property, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of turning to various plasters for the task. No other material captures the intricate details of these designs in the same quality manner since plaster elements often outlast the buildings in which they are installed by you and others. In addition, the combinations you can create with various designs almost are limitless. Both interior and exterior options are on the market to fulfil your specific needs.

Plasters Are Lightweight Enough for Ceilings and Walls

You can install plasters on the ceilings and walls since they are lightweight in nature. Enhance wall sections, add ornamentation to the perimeter of the ceilings or to the base of chandeliers, and enhance door openings just for some examples. Take a simple room and turn it into a formal area that will impress all who enter it. You can combine plaster mouldings, placards, wreaths, cornices, domes, enrichments and more to add adornments to all areas of your rooms.

Columns for a Regal Style

Add plaster columns to the interior or exterior of the structure to create a regal feel. Various styles of these elements are available to enhance your home or commercial building in the appropriate decor style.

Different Styles of Fire Surrounds Are Possible

You can enhance your fireplace with a plaster surround in styles that include modern, traditional, French and contemporary ones. One example of these surrounds has six levels of sharp lines that graduate out from the fireplace to create and highly modern, geometric surround.

Capture the Flavour of a Specific Era in Time

Plasters will capture the essence of a specific era in history from Ancient Rome to the Victorian era and up to present styles of architecture. Just another important reason for you to utilise plasters in reproducing antique or modern architectural designs.

Enhance Garden Areas

Take your formal garden to the next level with plaster orbs. Choose from a number of styles that range for floral to oriental styles. Situate these elements at the entrance of the gardens or in the middle of your plants.

Rely on Hopkins Plaster to learn additional facts about utilising plasters in reproducing antique or modern architectural designs. We specialise in designing and manufacturing a full line of plaster elements to fit a variety of your decor needs. To view what we have to offer, feel free to browse through our website. You will even find dimensional information where pertinent.

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