The Importance of Minimising Defects on Any Plasterwork

Blog |August 29th, 2017

The addition of plasterwork to a structure can transform it from plain to majestic depending on the style of it. You will only realize this type of results, though, if you minimize defects in your plaster elements. Poorly performed plasterwork ruins the appearance and value of the structure and costs additional funds to repair or replace it. To ensure that your plaster details are of high quality, you need to avoid the following issues.

1. Trapping Moisture Behind the Plaster and in the Wall

To avoid this issue, be certain that the wall on which you are applying the plasterwork is completely dry. Also, your plaster should not be overly wet since the wall may absorb and retain the excess moisture. This issue can cause the plaster to have difficulty drying or the wall may develop mould under the plaster. Mould can weaken the wall and the plaster when it grows out of control.

2. Crazing

Crazing in plaster is when tiny cracks occur in the plaster. The main reason for this to happen is when you trowel the plaster excessively as you apply it. Over time, the cracks can enlarge and cause the plaster to chip or flake.

3. Debonding

When the outer layer of plaster dries at a different rate than inner layer that is on the wall does, debonding can happen. Thick plaster applications are at high risk for this unless you take certain precautions, including ensuring that the walls have the right moisture content, walls are free from dust and oil, you apply a spatterdash coat prior to plastering and you rely on bonding agents to help the plaster adhere correctly.

4. Surface Dampness

If you have inadequate ventilation and heating in the area that you are applying plasterwork, surface dampness often occurs on it. When you notice this, enact further measures to ensure that the plasterwork can dry properly and completely.

5. A Poor DIY Plastering Job

Unless you are a pro at plastering, you should hire a professional to apply or install all of your plasterwork. This is the best way to guarantee that the project comes to completion in an ideal manner without any defects. Professionals understand how to avoid the above and other defects that can occur with plaster elements.

For professional plaster elements and workmanship, contact Hopkins Plaster Studio Pty Ltd. We manufacture and supply ornamental and classic plaster products of various designs ranging from cornices to Art Deco panels. Come into our studio to discuss your project specifications and needs to receive a free quote and view samples of our work.

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