Good Qualities of Pressed-Tin Panels When Used as a Kitchen Splashback

Blog |June 29th, 2017

To adequately protect your kitchen walls in an attractive, durable fashion, you always should install splashbacks in key locations such as above the benchtops, sink and stove. One popular material for these elements today is pressed-tin panels. Not only are these panels easy to clean and durable, they also come in a variety of eye-catching designs to enhance your walls. We list all of these attributes and others in detail in the following list to educate you further on these panels for splashbacks.

Easy to Clean

Hot soapy water and a clean cloth are all that is necessary to clean this type of tin panels. Even when you paint them, they are still a snap to clean. It always is wise to wipe off food debris as quickly as possible before it dries to keep this task as simple as possible.


Since the splashbacks with pressed-tin panels are resistant to scratching, scorching, mould, mildew and even rust, they outlast their ceramic counterparts. Thanks to this durability, you receive years of wear without the need to repair or replace.

Come in a Wide Assortment of Designs

You will have an easy time selecting the right design of these panels for these splashbacks since they come in such a wide variety of patterns. The designs on the panels range from simple squares to highly intricate ones. Whether you have a casual, country kitchen or a formal one, you will find the right design for your needs. Just select the pattern that highlights your other kitchen d├ęcor in the ideal manner.

An Affordable Option for Splashbacks

In comparison to other splashback materials, pressed tin is a cost-effective choice, especially if you are on a tight budget. This benefit wins many homeowners over when they are trying to make a final decision on a splashback. Another reason this option is so affordable is the fact of its durability, which we mentioned earlier, and this calls for pressed-tin splashbacks not requiring replacing as often as other types of splashbacks do in your kitchen.

Panels Install Easily

Along with the tin panels being affordable, the installation of them also is cost-effective. Professionals nail the panels straight onto a special substrate. In the stove area, a heatproof substrate is a necessity.

For further information about the good qualities of pressed-tin panels when used as a kitchen splashback, consult with Hopkins Plaster. We carry a wide assortment of these durable, attractive panels and also deliver quality installation services for them. All of our workmanship and materials come with a guarantee for your protection.

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