French Plaster Mirror Frames: Adding a Touch of Class to Your Home

Blog |January 18th, 2016

Plaster elements are ideal for adding a classy touch to your home decor. You can install plaster mouldings, cornices, fireplaces, busts, plaques and more, including the ornate French plaster mirror frames to accomplish this task. The last element is what we will elaborate on today since it is not just the style of the frame that adds the special touch to your home, but also the mirror that it enhances with its elegance. Hopkins Plaster supplies you with a quality French mirror frame while the mirror does not come with the frame, you just need to request one for us to supply it to you.

Description of Our French Mirror Frame

We supply a raw plaster, French mirror frame that you can gild or paint according to your preference and house decor. The frame is approximately 2050-mm high and has beading around the opening for the mirror. Up above the mirror, you will notice another design that is a wreath with additional garlands on each side of it. When you hang this frame in your house, place it in a central location where it will catch the eyes of your guests since it makes a bold, elegant statement.

How Mirrors Enhance Your Home

Mirrors are beneficial to a home’s decor since the light bounces off them to re-enter the room at a different angle. On top of this, mirrors provide the illusion of additional space in a room. This makes mirrors ideal for foyers, small rooms or specific areas that you desire to highlight for one reason or another. You can select from regular, smoked and antique mirrors for your frame. Each one provides its own unique ambiance and effect on your home.

Combine the Best of Both With a Plaster Frame and a Mirror in One Exquisite Piece of Decor

When you combine the elegance of French plaster mirror frames with your choice of mirrors, you gain the best of both elements for your room in one extraordinary piece of home decor. The result will strike awe in the hearts of your guests as they admire this work of art actually by the time you combine both elements.

The Benefits of Plaster Ornamentation for Your House

Plaster ornamentation enhances your home in an artistic manner unlike other building elements. You will find that plaster mouldings, mirror frames and cornices along with other elements of plaster will last the life of your house without the need of replacement.

Please, contact Hopkins Plaster to receive a quote on our French plaster mirror frames and the mirror we also will order for you. We guarantee that all our plaster elements of high quality.

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