FAQ: Are Plaster Mouldings Fire Proof?

Blog |October 23rd, 2018

Plaster has nearly become something of a lost art, an art that is slowly experiencing resurgence thanks to modernization. It is now possible to create perfect copies of old plaster mouldings that have since gone out of vogue. It is even possible to mass-produce intricate and breathtaking examples of plasterwork, without having to spend a fortune for reproducing each piece.

It is because of this growing availability that plasterwork is becoming very popular today, as an effective means to decorate and even to accentuate otherwise stale modern interior design. One question that comes to mind to people who are new to the idea of plaster mouldings, and plasterwork at large, is if it is fireproof? The answer is not that simple, but here is what you need to know to better understand about plaster:

• Plaster is non-combustible – what this essentially means is that plaster will not catch fire. However, non-combustibility does not mean that it is “fire-proof”, since plaster will still become damaged by extreme heat. In most cases, plaster will turn black or otherwise flake off if it is exposed to extreme temperatures higher than 50 °C.

• Plaster is semi-heat-resistant – plaster possesses unique semi-heat-resistant properties that allow it to be used for the creation of moulds in metalworking. Its ability to resist heat without combusting is one of the reasons why it is a prime choice for use in construction and interior design plans.

• There is more than one type of plaster – actually, plaster comes in many varieties, but not all of them are 100% fireproof or heat-resistant. One of the most common types of plaster – plaster of Paris – contains gypsum, which is well-known for its excellent non-combustible and heat-resistant properties.

In fact, there are specialised variety of plasters that are similar to plaster of Paris and are specifically designed to be heat resistant. These specialised plasters are more capable of retaining their structural integrity even under extreme heat that is far above the normal capacity of regular types of plasters.

If you want to clarify if plaster mouldings are fire proof because you are concerned about having a fire hazard in your home, then you can rest assured that when you employ plaster mouldings as light sconces or wall décor, the chances of them catching on fire is far too minute to be of any concern.

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