Exterior Door Pilasters: Why Choose Plaster Material?

Blog |September 29th, 2016

A pilaster is an architectural element that appears to be a supporting column. The pilaster gives the illusion that the wall is extended more than it actually is. Its design is typically classical in nature and functions as an elegant ornamental piece.
The construction of a pilaster is comprised of a flat surface that is elevated from the leading wall. It is largely treated like a column that includes a plinth (base) at the bottom, a capital at the top and many other elements.

The function of a pilaster is quite ornamental. Often it is used as an arch support, windows frames or an external door surround. Above and beyond, it adds timeless beauty and value to your home. As well, the design will generally match the columns or pillars.

As a home decorator, architect or designer, the pilaster comes in numerous plaster architectural elements that vary from simple to multifaceted.

Utilising Plaster

Throughout the centuries, architecture and home designs have developed and evolved. But the tried and true of plaster has remained the same. In fact, plaster is one of the oldest materials used in architecture and construction. This is because it is extremely durable and easy to work with. Truly, the use of Plaster of Paris has been around since Egyptians times. Plaster was often used to decorate Egyptian tombs. Later, the Greeks applied the architectural techniques to their temples, homes and other structures. Due to a massive deposit of gypsum, around the 1600s, Paris became tantamount with this variety of plaster. As well, Plaster of Paris was broadly used in fireproofing and beautifying a home.

Extreme Advantages 

One of the best advantages of using decorative exterior pilasters is that they add great value to your home. And with so many elaborate designs available, you can create most any sophisticated look you desire. As well, exterior door pilasters offer unique and elaborate focus to the entrance of your home.

And with the likes of Plaster of Paris, you heighten the fire resistance of a structure. For instance, plaster is often used as a fire protective coating over construction materials like wood and metal. Also, surgeons have used plaster to construct a cast for broken or fractured limbs. Moreover, Plaster of Paris is used to make molds of tire treads and footprints to help unlawful investigations. As well, due to its flexibility, plaster is commonly used to create masterpieces of art and striking architecture like exterior door pilasters.

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