Enhance your Door Entrance and Windows with Architraves

Blog |July 13th, 2016

Doors and windows are integral parts of homes and commercial buildings. These elements are purely utilitarian, though, unless you enhance their appearance in some manner to turn them into decorative features along with their functional purposes. One way to accomplish this is by installing plaster architrave mouldings around the door entrances and windows. Architraves are mouldings that provide an attractive trim for various types of windows and doors.

Various Profiles Are Available

Different profiles of these architrave mouldings are available ranging for simple to complex designs. Select the one that best suits the overall style of your structure. While your front door may call for an ornate style, the windows might require a profile with less detail.

Curved Styles Highlight the Top of Certain Doors and Windows

Architrave mouldings such as these come in curved styles for those doors and windows with arched tops. The curve of these architrave mouldings gently outlines the arch to accentuate it. Along with door entrances and windows of the structure, you can install these curved architraves over arched doorways in between rooms to improve their visual appeal.

Straight Styles Can Enhance the Sides, Top and Bottom

When no arch exists with the doors or windows, straight versions of the architrave moulding also are available to enhance these elements. You can install this moulding on the top, bottom and sides of the windows, and the top and sides of the door entrances.

Plaster or Cement Architrave Mouldings Are Available for Purchase

If you have a concern that a plaster architrave moulding will not hold up outdoors in your specific location, you can order it in cement. While plaster is highly durable, cement will endure a harsher environment without chipping, breaking or discolouring. A garden entryway is an ideal use for the cement architrave moulding as a trim.

Architrave Mouldings Blend Well with Other Plaster Enhancements

Of course, architrave mouldings are just one type of plaster enhancements for architectural creations. You can install these mouldings with acanthus leaves, busts, columns, cornices, keystones and many other types of plaster elements to decorate your home or commercial structure in a quality manner.

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