DIY Plastering for Big Projects: Why It’s a “No-No” and Why Should You Opt for Professional Services?

Blog |March 6th, 2017

At times, homeowners take on large do-it-yourself or DIY projects only to discover quickly that they are in over their heads. As a result, they must backtrack and call in professionals to undo the damage and complete the projects in the proper manner. You should not fall into this trap, especially with DIY plastering for big projects. Below, we share certain benefits that you will reap when you hire professionals for big plaster projects.

1. Higher Quality of Materials

Professionals will provide you with a higher quality of plaster than you will typically select on your own unless you have experience in this field. You may select a cheaper plaster that does not hold up as well over time as the type the professionals choose to use for your specific project.

2. The Latest Techniques

Another benefit of turning to professionals for this project is the fact that they stay on top of the latest tools and techniques for applying plaster or creating other plaster enhancements for their clients. While certain approaches to plastering stay similar to time-honoured methods, improvements come along periodically that professionals adopt for their projects.

3. Less Mess

You may create a monumental mess if you attempt DIY plastering while professionals safeguard your furnishings and property to limit the clean-up that they will need to perform at the completion of the project. Your house or building will be ready for use in a short time once they finish the plastering job.

4. Faster Completion of the Project

Professionals will complete your project faster than you can on your own. Remember, they have another project to move onto after yours. As a result, they work efficiently to finish your project in as timely of as manner possible.

5. More Intricate Detail

You will receive more intricate detail since pros in plastering will understand which enhancements to add to highlight certain aspects of your home or building in an ideal way. Examples of these enhancements include acanthus leaves, busts, wreaths, plaques, columns, cornices, dado moulding, fireplace surrounds, panels and other elements.

6. Guarantee of Satisfaction

The final benefit of hiring professionals for plastering projects is the fact that they will provide a guarantee with their services. If any aspect of your project is not to your liking, they will return without additional charges and alter it to your satisfaction. When you DIY a project and it goes wrong, you will need to spend extra money to remedy the situation.

Hopkins Plaster provides professional plaster services and products to enhance the exterior and interior of your house or building. We specialise in plaster architectural details and bring you years of expertise with each job that we perform for you.

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