How to Distinguish Quality Plaster Fireplace Designs

Blog |December 1st, 2016

Plaster fireplace designs are the surrounds that fit on the outside of your fireplace to adorn it. Certain ones come with mantels while other ones are less ornamental. When choosing the right one for your house, it is important to learn how to distinguish quality ones from those that will not stand up over time. We offer valuable tips on this in the information that follows to ensure you understand how to shop for one that will be a durable and attractive addition to your home.

The Plaster Should Be a Durable Thickness

As you search for a quality fireplace surround of plaster, you should check the thickness of it first before considering its other features. When plaster elements are too thin, they will not hold up over time without damage occurring easily. Even at its thinnest section, the plaster design needs to be at least two to three inches thick to be durable.

Clear and Precise Details

Regardless of the style of the plaster fireplace, it should contain clear and precise details in its design. You need to remember that the details should be easy to make out even across the room from the fireplace in order for it to enhance the area in the appropriate manner. Today, you can order whatever style of plaster fireplace surround that you require to complement the rest of your house’s style, including modern, contemporary, traditional and formal.

An Accurate Fit

The plaster surround for your fireplace should fit it accurately. Otherwise, it will have gaps and other issues that detract from its functionality and attractiveness. For this reason, quality plaster surrounds are made to measure to ensure a proper fit.

No Bubble Marks or Unsightly Gaps in the Plaster Design

Another sign of quality plaster fireplace surrounds is when there are no bubble marks or unsightly gaps in the design. When either one of these occur, it means that the manufacturer failed to mix or pour the plaster mixture in the correct manner. Seek out the plaster surrounds that are absent of flaws.

Hopkins Plaster will provide further details to you about how to distinguish quality plaster fireplace designs from those of an undesirable nature. We are experts in providing all types of plaster elements for homes and commercial establishments. Browse through our fireplace surrounds and other products on our website and contact us for a free quote. All of our products and workmanship live up to the highest standards possible for our industry.

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