Decorative Plaster Archways and Their Unique Appeal

Blog |April 19th, 2017

By contacting a well-experienced and knowledgeable plaster expert, you can include exquisitely designed and executed plaster ornamentation for your next building or renovations project. When ceilings, arches, woodworking and window frames are embellished with ornate yet tasteful designs in plaster, your entire room or building interior will glow with the artful beauty and charm of historical or modern plaster craftsmanship.

Types of Creative Plaster Work To Dress Up Your Interior Spaces

Whether you are involved with renovating or redesigning an existing residential or commercial building’s interior spaces or designing a new building, you can benefit from the expertise and tasteful advice of a highly skilled plaster works company. Perhaps you are building a new home or office structure and want to include elegant plaster work in your indoor areas. No matter what era or style of design you may have in mind, your professional plaster design specialist can provide you with superior advice, designs and finished plaster crafting to meet your every desire and need for enhancing your decor.

Plaster Design Modes and Fashions for Your Specialized Interior Decor

Examples of fine plaster work that can embellish and refine your interior design project include the following choices:

• Ornate Plaster Ceilings. – Delicately designed plaster ceilings with your selection of angels, animals, fruits on the vine or clouds will provide a stunningly beautiful ambiance in a large room or lengthy hall or entrance. Whether the ceiling is of medium height or vaulted, superior plaster work by experienced artisans can provide you with a breathtaking room interior that is customized to suit your plans and preferences.

• Victorian Arches with Rose Designs. – Stately Victorian arches above doorways that include elegant rose designs will invite your friends, guests or business associates to enter into and enjoy the sensitive, decorative atmosphere of any room. These ornate archways also open up a smaller room’s interior by creating a grand, expansive entrance.

• Roman Columns of Your Choice.
– By including columns such as Greek Corinthian or Roman Tuscan styles in the interior spaces of your building, you draw on certain periods in historical design to create a certain sensibility or design credibility, power or elegance.

• Art Deco Window Frames. – When you choose Art Deco style window frame designs in plaster work for a room in your building interior spaces, you bring a graceful, yet playful and artistic quality to your overall decor that will please and delight all.

By consulting the experts at Hopkins Plaster Studio in Dandenong, you will receive excellent advice, superior guidance and skilled plaster work to decorate and enhance the decor of your building’s interiors in heights of ornate yet graceful, creative and very tasteful fashion.

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