Cornices for Windows That Will Add More Appeal to Your Home

Blog |November 19th, 2015

Cornices are simply decorative mouldings that adorn various furniture or building elements. Here at Hopkins Plaster Studio Pty Ltd we create a full line of plaster cornices that will adorn your windows in the ideal manner to create a special ambiance in your house. Below, we describe some of the cornices for windows that we offer you.

Examples of Our Cornices

HP0201 is wide moulding with dimensions of 135 mm x 282 mm x 3.6 m. Its decorative elements include patterns of bead and reel, shell and bellflower, and egg and dart. In addition, it is reminiscent of the Victorian Era.

HP0202 is a simpler moulding than the HP0201 is, but still outlines the windows in an attractive way to make them stand out in the room. Its dimensions are 106 mm x 110 mm x 4.2 m. The design is plains with a scotia curve, and it is representative of the Inter-War Era.

HP0236 is narrower moulding than the HP0202 is, but has more of a design known as small shield. The dimensions of it are 76 mm x 76 mm x 4.2 m, and it is reminiscent of the Inter-War Era with its geometric pattern.

HP0490A is another ornate cornice that we offer with its chain-drape design. Its dimensions are 84 mm x 100 mm x 3.9 m. Add an Edwardian touch in your house with this selection since it is the era that this design depicts.

HP0207 is another moulding that has an Edwardian-Era design called dentil. Its dimensions are 142 mm x 124 mm x 3.6 m. Add simple elegance to your windows with this selection from our collection of ideal cornices for windows.

HP0488 is yet another Edwardian-Era cornice moulding from our company. It measures 165 mm x 182 mm x 3.6 m. The design is the egg and dart that is highly attractive around windows.

HP0598 is a highly ornate that we produce that contains designs, such as bead and reel, acanthus leaf, and egg and dart. This moulding’s dimensions are 230 mm x 220 mm x 3.6 m, and it is similar to the mouldings produced in the Edwardian Era.

HP0599 is an Edwardian-Era type moulding that measures 320 mm x 110 mm x 3.6 m. The design on it includes acanthus leaf with bead and reel.

Just measure your windows to calculate the amount of moulding you will require to enhance their appearance. Consult with our company to receive a free price quote for all the cornices for windows that you have an interest in for your house.

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